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  1. Whoever directed this movie, particulary the black bird scenes….
    You creep me out as of what you do know and by experience,
    i appreciated this movie more.
    Thank you.

  2. I came because I saw them on one of the running man episode and the game they played was about God and devil… was pretty cool so imma watch it! Lol

  3. I just finished watching this on netflix and all I can say is, I’ve watched many Korean suspense/thriller/horror movies in my life and this one is the WORST. Absolutely not recommended. There’s no story at all. Good actors but shitty storyline.

  4. Maybe 3/10.
    1. Acting is quite fine.
    2. Few unexpected scenes.
    3. Cinematography

    Overall, its just an old cliche exorcism/possession "horror" if you may call it.

  5. having nightmare watching these . highly recommend 👍👍 but suggesting not to watch this at night as well

  6. I love how they didnt even mentioned hyong-ju ever again after the movie, i dont blame them, she sucks

  7. Damn, I just watched this movie and I love it so much. Only to find out that it's hated by many. IDK about you guys but this is a lot better than most American Horror films in my opinion.

  8. Watching it right now and I am laughing my ASS off. This movie tries way too hard to be scary to the point where it's absolutely ridiculous. If you want a good laugh, go watch it.

  9. I wish Sam Winchester is in this movie so he can exorcise this demon with his mind. Problem solved.

  10. Fun fact: this was unintended to be inspired by the suran seijin plot when they were at the ship and there was the fake girl pointing a gun at ultraman max human form then the real girl arrived. the plot was used by the two dads scene, but it wasn't inspired by that.