Meet Puerto Rican Journalist Bianca Graulau, Featured in Viral Bad Bunny Video on Injustices in PR

Puerto Rico’s financial oversight board has voted to extend a contract with LUMA Energy — the private U.S.-Canadian corporation that took over the island’s power grid and is widely denounced by residents on the island for its inconsistent service and high prices. The privatization of Puerto Rico’s power grid, supported by an unelected board appointed by the U.S. government, represents the “everyday consequences of colonialism,” says independent reporter Bianca Graulau, whose latest documentary is called “País de Apagones,” or “Country of Blackouts.”

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  1. Thanks for being the voice of many in Puerto Rico. Your reports continue to be so important in demonstrating the truth of what is happening.👍

  2. Puerto Rico is under the spell of the Republicans congress for years, LUMA is been implemented even they are not doing a great world in Puerto Rico were we Live. The big problem is their is no other competences according to the Puerto Rico Government in Puerto Rico willing to compete with LUMA. Right know all great bills Puerto Rican will pay for 15 years of this contracts is huge and raises are every three months this depend of the gasoline prices. Puerto Rico deserve worse because we are Indians according to the Us congress for 130 years and nothing well build is done in Puerto Rico until year 2022.

  3. Go Bianca! I have been a follower of Bianca ever since she started. Finally her hard work is starting to pay off and being recognized by many media outlets. Keep up the good work Bianca!

  4. The host of Democracy Now called Puerto Rico a country. It's not a country. It's a U.S. territory.

  5. I was there this last 2 weeks and every year is so FUBAR the roads look like a warzone but I'm going to quote some radicals that have been imprisoned for protesting the situation there, is not LUMA's or the mediocre governor fault, is the people fault ,they don't do nothing to change their problems, they just hang out in chinchorros (cheap bars), they been colonized by drugs, alcohol and pop culture and they're in the blissful ignorance , apathy and cognitive dissonance, they're in the Baile, Botella y Baraja, they live in fantasy island and that doesn't change nothing.

  6. The colonized version of those islands just want more rights with white people they treat their own indigenous people like s*** it's almost like divine intervention stopping up from completely destroying their people we're not going to talk when their life is going to get better when they made those deals they didn't think it was going to eventually affect everybody

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  8. This was blacked out, I didn't get notified of this video's post. I haven't received notifications from Democracy Now posts for a week.

  9. Our government thinks that Taiwan which is 100 miles away should not be part of China even thought they both speak Mandarin. Our government thinks it is OK that Puerto Rico which is 1,150 miles away should be a colony of the US even though they speak Spanish. Also, what about Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, US Virgin islands and 14 other islands? We are in good company with some other "civilized" countries: "There are 61 colonies or territories in the world. Eight countries maintain them: Australia (6), Denmark (2), Netherlands (2), France (16), New Zealand (3), Norway (3), the United Kingdom (15), and the United States (14)". So where does the UN stand on this issue?

  10. Privatisation never results in a better service for the consumers, all it does is put more money into the hands of shareholders.

  11. Great to see a young journalist like Bianca stand up and expose everything that is wrong with Puerto Rico and all the corruption that is going on. Abajo la colonia y que viva Puerto Rico libre. 🇵🇷 ✊️.

  12. Washington loses no time in exercising their direct political and economic power over Puerto Rico, as an outside utility and financial board, to disrupt the island from its development alongside its other relationships with Caribbean nations needs more direct and overt public scrutiny.

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  14. And then people have the nerve to say we should be grateful because we’re part of America, even though we have fought in foreign wars for the American dream……

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