Meet Kate Featurette | Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Disney+

See how Hailee Steinfeld brings Kate Bishop to life in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye in a special look! Start streaming the first two episodes tomorrow on Disney+.

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  1. Marvel is making man-hating and female aggressive sexism more and more… When will you make a movie where a man-hero kicks bad women with the same violence and funny face?

  2. Jeremy Renner AND Hailee Steinfeld BOTH in a Marvel Studios’ show is SO entertaining and enjoyable to watch! My family and I have already watched four episodes, and I DON’T want to end it! It’s SUCH a good show, I’m getting Arrow vibes through Kate Bishop protecting her mother. They made their company after their name, Bishop Security, Oliver Queen took over Queen Consolidated, a protector of BOTH his Mother and sister Thea. Sound familiar yet?

  3. This is definately the passing of the guard rom Jeremey Renner to Hailey Steinfield. Perhaps she will become a part of the Avengers movies in the future. Unfortuantely, the number of viewers watching this on Disney+ is a huge disappointment for Disney. Only 1.5 million saw the first episode, and even worse, it fell to 1.3 million the second making it the lowest watched series on Disney+ (in comparison, Loki averaged 2.5 million over its run, and the first, Wandavision averaged about 2 million while Captain America and the Winter Solider averaged 2.1 million). With its ratings this is going to be a one and done on Disney+ no matter who continues Hawkeye most likely – and it is good.

  4. NGL perfect casting is PERFECT. Legit can't read the comics now without seeing Hailee. Makes me want to go back and read them all over again.

  5. If this show is well-received, Kate Bishop may end up being (on of) the leader(s) of whatever team she ends up on.

  6. Heads up everyone, I've heard though the grape vine that some people are planning to review bomb Hawkeye. So I encourage y'all to leave your honest review of the show so far on any of your preferred sites. I don't normally care about reviews but I don't like it when a show is review bombed just because a few people don't want to see the show succeed. Even if it's isn't a positive review, at least it would be a honest one that isn't just made it lower a score or something.

  7. all that money into training and whatever and she can´t position her elbow correctly while drawing the bow and releasing the arrows?

  8. "it's not about being superhuman, it's about being super skilled"
    guys, it's been like ten years and yet casual audiences still refuse to get that through their thick skulls

  9. its fun to think about the fact that the mcu has been going on for so long they can be a kid in another movie

  10. Sigh, these characters are neat… but I still feel more connected to the Humans of the imperial guard…

    Simple soldiers in a world that wants them enslaved or dead and against all odds.

    While light minded hero’s save the day have a much more cliche easier story

  11. Man if I was Hawkeye I’d be bodying tf out of Kate bishops cheeks forget them wife and kids lmaooo imagine if this actually happens