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Steve’s latest hunt-to-table adventures include eventful trips to Colorado, Texas and Wyoming — where he prepares savory …

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  1. Season 9 WYOMING MULE DEER: the outfitter guide STEWART PETERSEN is a good friend of mine and what was not mentioned in the episodes he was in is: Stewart is a life long actor as well that first appearance was a star in WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS as a child actor, as he continued acting in films such as against a crooked sky and other films he then went into acting in church films for the LDS church, he is also currently a general contractor that I do work for on some of his projects, he is out of COKEVILLE WYOMING

  2. I am going to buy a netflix subcription not just to watch steve but also the masterpiece that comes with it

  3. Sono alla ricerca di un esperienza di caccia al caribu mi sapresti indicare un posto dove posso trovare guide esperte per trascorrere una settimana di caccia?

  4. Hey Steve! Season 9 "COLORADO ELK" episode. DID YOU LEARN YOUR LESSON ON POWERBELT AMMO?As a Colorado native, transplant to P.O.W. AK watching that episode was reliving my days in Colorado. You were in the right place on the flat tops, keeping your elevation was key but like me you lost a beautiful bull not because the sites were off, it was those horrible ballistic tip POWERBELTS… NEVER! use those and now you know why, instead use conical or Maxi, If your ever back on the island lets go blacktail hunting on the alpines 🙂 keep up the great work!

  5. In the very first episode in Texas, 45 seconds in he's using an all black reel with turquoise-blueish letters and the rod seems similar color. anyone know what reel and rod that is? Thanks in advance

  6. why they name it “meateater” like it’s unnatural to eat meat? like hunting and eating meat is a natural part of humans

  7. I love this show seen all seasons so far I’m stoked for season 9

  8. Meateater is the best outdoor hunting show out ! Can’t wait for more !

  9. can you pleasr do all that shit on your own ?
    why do I as a vegan have to heavily subsidize the meat and dairy industry ?

  10. NETFLIX PULL “CUTIES” for your programs!!!!!!!
    The “intentions” of the film do not justify the exploitation of little girls. Pedophiles will watch for their pleasure not the films supposed message and their enlightenment! No film should need to see children exposed this way to get a message across – cover for the real agenda – pedophilia!!!!

  11. Excuse me, good afternoon, I ask that you please refrain from putting advanced seasons in your ads posted on the YouTube page that contain spoilers because it sucks to find out about certain things that way if we just started watching that series.

  12. I’m not here to comment on this show but on the pedophile streaming service this show is on. NETFLIX’S movie “Cutties” hyper sexualizes 11 YEAR OLD GIRLS and makes them twirk while dancing in provocative underwear for the camera to satisfy Hollywood’s pedophelia. If you don’t cancel your subscription today you’re supporting more main stream content like this in the future. This is Netflix encouraging and supporting human trafficking. CANCEL RIGHT NOW! Update: clips are now hitting YouTube and it’s much worse than expected, if you continue to support your just a sick individual.

  13. Question, how is this primitive if you’re hunting with a rifle and technology? Can you hunt like the native americans did?

  14. AND did you see that they spent a few days with Crooked Sky Outfitters? Stewart Petersen is the young actor from Against a Crooked Sky from the mid-70's.

  15. I've re-watched every season at least once. I absolutely love this show and I love Steven! I admire his attitude towards life so much. His eagerness to learn and grow and share his experiences with the world. And this is coming from someone who can't imagine herself hunting unless it was for immediate survival.

  16. Not sure though, but i dont think show is for vegans or vegetarians. Might be wrong though.

  17. My favourite show on Netflix. I just wish there was a way to hunt in England.

  18. Man I don’t know if I could eat these meals..👀

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