Marvel's Midnight Suns | Official Launch Trailer

Darkness falls… city by city, nation by nation. The time for the Midnight Suns is NOW!

Rise up against Lilith and her forces December 2, 2022.

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  1. I wish midnight suns played like ultimate alliance cause man this what ultimate alliance 3 should’ve been 😭

  2. Whose everyones FAVORITE TEAM they're running? I can't decide on which team I should focus on. I mean, I'm sure I should be focusing on EVERYONE but I figured I wanted to completely understand a specific trio of characters so even when I partake in missions that force the use of a non-principle character, I would still have 2 that I am super comfortable with… Eh, maybe a bad strategy but I am curious what you're all doing!!!

    Current team: Ghost Rider (tank) ; Captain Marvel (tank) ; Magik (Support)

  3. First few hrs in the game Im already lovin it. I hope it also releases in the Nintendo switch soon

  4. I just read an article that stated Firaxis specially created an early build of the game and sent it to a dying fan suffering of cancer named Luke a year early and immortalized him in the game by adding his name to a tree in the Abbey. Honestly when I read that I started tearing up… they didn't need to do that.. I just wanted to thank the team at Firaxis for making that guy's last few weeks special.. you guys really care about your fans. We not only need more game devs like you but also more humans… that was a beautiful thing you guys did.

  5. If this was a movie with this animation it’d be a box office HIT. Yet they made this a turn-based game. 😢

  6. what a waste of $70! looking at the trailer it looks great and it would be…if it weren't for the constant stops in the action to choose a stupid card! I should've done the reviews before I bought it, but i had never heard of a game like this. Just give me the game where i press a combination of buttons to get my character fight, move or whatever. choose a card, choose a character to use to attack/whatever, choose a target…and then after struggling to execute the move then you gotta do it all over again to initiate your next attack. and after you do your attack and have no more cards you have to hit "end" and they take their turn shooting at you or whatever for a few seconds…then it's back on you to choose a character again, a card, etc. totally annoying!! i played for about 20 min before realizing "this aint fun!" am i able to get a refund?

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