Marvel's Midnight Suns | Accolades Trailer


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  1. Sony Spider Man is the best Superhero game that came out don't get ahead of yourself not alot of us don't like cards but this is perfect for those kinds of people that do

  2. Why did it have to be a card game. I was so excited until it turned into Pokemon meets Yu-Gi-Oh

  3. This is my first XCOM style game and I’m loving it on my ps5. Thinking about getting it on my steam deck as well

  4. I started playing it yesterday and it is actually really fun – yes the graphics are outdated BUT there is A LOT of lore and info about the Marvel Universe to explore. If you are a Marvel fan and/or like turn based tactic games you will definitaly enjoy this game.

  5. Дариана ниндзя киборг что блокирует экраны телевизора

  6. So glad they spent so much money time and effort on a turn based ROG so as to ensure as small a potential player base as baseball.

  7. It's about as optimized as a polished hurt, tell got a LOT of work to do! But I really do like it but the bugs and the unoptimized game completely ruins it.

  8. Can we get a captain marvel adventure game and Wandakanda game the world 🌎 is asking for it 👌🏾🥇💯🔥🔥🔥

  9. I wasn’t excited when I heard it was card based but when I saw it was the Xcom of marvel I was sold. Looks fun

  10. Marvel and Disney+, please don't cancel Spider-Man Freshman Year,it looks like it could be just as good as The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series!

  11. Hey guys I'm going through a difficult time in life I created my channel to try to help my family who can see my videos it's fun go there 😥

  12. I'd be all over this game but I'm not into strategy games. I'm glad it's a critical hit though and hope fans are happy.

  13. Почему нет русского языка не в Steam не в Epic games? Хотя первые трейлеры даже с озвучкой есть

  14. Would it have killed them not to include the boring and overused characters like Cap America, Iron Man and Spiderman??

  15. Its a great hellhound pet simulator. Everytime i see the interaction with the doggo, my heart melts.

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