Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Launch Trailer | Quest 2


Take flight in Marvel’s Iron Man VR!

Tap into your inner Super Hero as you step into Iron Man’s armor and blast to the skies. Explore Tony Stark’s garage to upgrade your arsenal of weapons, gear, and gadgets. Crank on the repulsors to feel the rush of flight at incredible speeds, and team up with your onboard AI to track the elusive villain Ghost and her army of possessed Stark drones.

Experience this award-winning, action-packed Iron Man adventure now on Meta Quest 2!

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Download Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Launch Trailer | Quest 2 Here


  1. Lest there be vandalism in the house while playing this, otherwise the Mahabharata war will start in the house.
    Warning: don't try this at home or school 🙌😂

  2. Why is the Italian version missing that was already present on the PlayStation version?

  3. Everyone " hello we are still waiting for the game to be fixed on Google play and Apple stores

    Marvel: keep waiting

    😆 🤣 😂 😹

  4. WOAH THIS GAME LOOKS AWESOME!!! shout out to @hueyrevolution for making the game look even more enjoyable with his acting skills!❤

  5. going to put this everywhere yes even on my review

    Now give me a proper Z.O.E game build for the ground up in vr this game proves it can be done

    Also Gundam God d*** wing

  6. I need your opinions on this… do reply. I saw this trailer and the fact of being rdj in vr is supercool but the graphics in-game has put me off. pls tell me the actual gameplay has better graphics

  7. The YouTube/Instgram/Facebook adverts for this game seems to be targeting a specific audience…

  8. Nah. I need one as Thanos. That way I can DESTROY the entire Universe. Shred this Universe down to its last atom. And then, create a NEW ONE. Teaming with life. That knows not what it has lost, but only what it has been given. A grateful Universe. Heck, the more I understand my true spiritual self, the more I realize that I can actually do that NOW!

  9. This was the very first game I tried out on my PlayStation VR and I must admit, I truly felt like Robert Downey Jr., did when he first flew in the suit.

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