Marvel's Avengers | The Winter Soldier | Narrative Trailer

🦾 Meet our Bucky Barnes, and learn about the comics that inspired our version of the world’s greatest assassin in our new Narrative Trailer.

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Download Marvel's Avengers | The Winter Soldier | Narrative Trailer Here


  1. Por favor coloquem também o homem Formiga a vespa é o kang o thanos os inumanos o quarteto fantástico o falcão o barão zemo por favor mas eu gostei muito eu amei

  2. His melee moves look copy and pasted from captain america. I sincerely hope I'm proven wrong

  3. Now all we ask for is Captain Marvel Carol Danvers, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Vision, Wasp, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, Lady Sif, and also lastly Quicksilver in Marvel's Avengers!

  4. I can’t believe they’re still supporting this game, and even more, I can’t believe they just keep adding new characters instead of new enemy types and new environments and new story line. New characters are better than nothing I guess but when you’re just fighting the same boring enemy types over and over, it gets stale quick.

    But what do I care anyways lol, I’m not playing this game again 😂

  5. Marvel you would be sales if you made some MCU skins for Bucky. You already have Caps winter soldier film outfit, now we need one for Bucky!

  6. The least this game could do is actually fix what people criticized it for instead of doubling down. No wonder it still hasn't recouped its losses from 2020.

  7. I love the fact they they aren’t giving up on this game and they shouldn’t but we definitely need a new story and new enemies I’m fine with our roster but i think we should move past aim keep them there but let’s have other major enemies like thanos or any cosmic being because then you can bring in new enemies types that we can fight using thanos army or maybe Thor and his brother Loki let us Goto Asgard they have so much possibilities and potential with this game

  8. Now can we please get some more characters even faster dear God no offense to all the white characters but I would love to have falcons sometime soon if not blue Marvel night thrasher War machine… Come on guys even shang chi I just need some diversity where is Blade

  9. This should’ve dropped on the 26th, the weekend would’ve been better then a Tuesday.

  10. "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." *Walt Disney

  11. So happy to see new content being added to the game! I do have one minor addition recommendation, add some new enemy types in with each hero to add variety. They don't have to be complex. With Bucyrus just add Hydra agents

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