Marvel's Avengers | The Winter Soldier | Combat Trailer

🔴 The Red Room turned him into the ultimate weapon.

🦾 Watch the Combat Trailer to see all of the Winter Soldier’s abilities in action!

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  1. I really wish they would have released characters in pairs because everyone wants to be Winter Soldier right now
    They should have done Falcon and Winter Soldier and then continue to drop a couple DLC Characters every 3 months
    Falcon & Winter Soldier – Wanda & Vision – Antman & Wasp – Dr. Strange & Captain Marvel – War Machine & Shang Chi should both be in it too
    This would give the game another 2 years of game play with all this DLC if they drop 2 new characters every 3 or 4 months

  2. I was excited for Bucky, but after playing him… I'm underwhelmed by his gameplay. It's not bad but it's not what I expected, especially with all the cool concept designs/abilities that the players thought of before his release. His design in-game is also kind of.. weird. Its not bad, I like his default skin/his short hair but I don't know.. something about it (I think his face/hair) just looks off to me. Also, I heard rumors that She-Hulk is the next hero to be added next year.

  3. As a dad of a 3 year old that's into avengers this game is awesome, I get him 3 nights a week and spend the other 4 nights getting loot boxes and completing missions as he's obsessed with new costumes! He's gonna lose it when he sees this update on Saturday ❤️ screw the haters to keep a game like this going for this long with only adding free content is an absolute W for me cheers guys x

  4. Look s awesome! I will start playing again immediately to realize that the game is NOT FUN.

  5. Yo they basically used captain America’s move set for his own with a few differences bruh💀

  6. I've lost all hope for this game. Another melee fighter?? After Spider-man, I knew the downfall would be inevitable. This game's server is gonna shut down soon. The only thing that keeps it running is idiots buying skins to play the same thing over and over again

  7. Hey while we’re on the topic marvel can we get some new villains? I’m tired of fighting robots.

  8. He looks weird and looks like a combination of moves from Cap and black widow. I was expecting more flashy moves but it honestly just looks bland and boring. Sad to say I won’t be coming back to this game cause this was my last hope, and it didn’t deliver.

  9. Next up please, Blade, Daredevil, antman, wolverine , vision, ghostrider. But also more locations and good missions ( maybe off planet?) With alot of story treads which expands and continues the main one. The shiar empire could be a new treath.

  10. Mid update I’ll play for 4 hours and put it back to bed. Can’t for that mcu skin thou.

  11. I hope he gets a takedown where he throws his rifle to an enemy who then tries to shoot him with it, only for the gun to either lock up or explode due to Bucky's biometric scanner not recognizing them.

  12. So how long are they planning to support this game? I heard it lost a bunch of money, so I'm surprised they are still updating it.

  13. He's basically the exact same as captain America bar a few tweak on ranged attacks 🤣🤣 how did this take so long?

  14. Sweet!! This looks incredibly fun. Hopefully you guys add captain marvel next or one if the Gotg members(nebula perferd)

  15. I maxed every character in this game out so believe me when I say gameplay wise….. he’s literally just captain America with a gun

  16. Honestly I’m not too much of a fan of Bucky but I just like to see new characters drop in this game. It needs a bigger roster. But my suggestions for characters would be someone completely different instead of a lot of street tier characters who fight in combat or with weapons maybe something different like a character who solely focuses on power like captain marvel/Doctor Strange/Scarlet Witch/Storm/Dr Doom/Hela etc..

  17. if he doesn’t alr have his mcu skins imma be disappointed honestly 😭 for the amount of time we waited for him to come out

  18. Clone but looks good.. It’s very easy to tell if they start fresh with a character and completely make it it’s own they could make them really great and save this game

  19. Bro aim have been the bud guys for 3 years. So sick of aim and the robots. It’s all the same thing at the end of the day. Needs to be mixed up. New missions. New areas. New interiors and make it more free flowing. Like Spider-Man, and like Gotham knights/Arkham knight

  20. Maybe take some notes from gotham knights. That game just does it right! Multiple characters (that don’t feel the same as each other), an actual storyline (and it’s amazing), nails co op and has FREE ROAM. Not having a crack at avengers because it did do some things right (Ironmans character felt good), but Gotham is miles ahead !! Unsure why that game has so much hate. It’s bloody unreal! Even better when you play with a mate!

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