Marvel's Avengers: The MODOK Threat Trailer

People around the world have turned their backs on the Avengers. Ms. Marvel must reassemble her idols while facing AIM’s leader, George Tarleton, who has his own vision for the future.

Watch the Story Trailer from the inaugural Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE! #Reassemble

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Download Marvel's Avengers: The MODOK Threat Trailer Here

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  1. I like how they're doing MODOK. I'm excited to see his transformation from the mild mannered scientist Tarleton, into the deformed and psychotic killer he is now.

  2. I don't understand why MODOK lets Kamara Khan (Ms. Marvel) a chance to be cured if she was a great threat to his cause of world domination.

  3. I always hated MODOK tbh. He just looks INCREDIBLY stupid. But something tells me this game might be the only time I'll ever like MODOK as a villain for once.

  4. I remember when I first saw this and thought it was gonna be such a stupid game and now my view completely changed and I cannot wait to play this

  5. Can anybody explain me that in infinity war hulk was there or not I have photo with hulk in infinity war it is true it is not edited

  6. Marvel studious don't stop avengers movies please
    The world without avengers movies is not good 😣😣

  7. Sees MS. MARVEL in this game.
    Meanwhile The rest who dunno her,
    *I don't even know you*….