Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder | New Asgard

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  1. If New Asgard was indeed real, then realistically speaking, this would immediately shock the balance of power on Earth.

    Like imagine NATO and the EU tempting New Asgard to join there organizations and Russia and China plotting on destroying New Asgard in order for it to never fall in the hands of the West.


  2. =) I was there some weeks ago visiting the rock formations and doing see bird watching on the cliffs with my colleagues, so nice place …
    So good movie guys! More drama, good music, characters more complex, love it!

  3. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    meine Freunde und ich waren diesen Samstag im Kino und haben uns Thor 4 angesehen, wobei der Film wohl eher den Titel Scary Movie verdient hätte.

    Das war kein Thor Film sondern eine Parodie darauf.

    Wir alle fanden den Film unter aller Sau und wir hätten gerne unsere Kinotickets erstattet.

    Was hier abgeliefert wurde geht gar nicht.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Max Öttl

    Ein enttäuschter Fan

  4. Deadpool 3 July Update
    "Despite the concerns of a watered-down Deadpool, everyone from Marvel President Kevin Feige to Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have doubled down that Deadpool 3 will retain the franchise's R-rating. Specifics on what the film entails remain close to the vest at this time, but Reese is loving the development process so far.

    "It's almost like putting on a comfy old sweater," Reese, who is actively writing Deadpool 3, told DiscussingFilm on July 14th. "Marvel's really given us the support to maintain the tone and the vision that we have for it. They've been very hands-off and supportive, but they've also let us do what we do. So really, it's just been fun. We're mad scientists back in the laboratory again. Deadpool is our favorite who will always be the character I think we're most associated with, and we're very grateful for being allowed to write him again. So it's a blast. It's like going back to school again after having summer off. It's pretty fun."

  5. To Marvel,
    Marvel is at Phrase 4…
    Phrase 4 is good but no good has the Phrase 3. Look In phrase 3, There is excellence VFX by VFX Artists, Proper Action ,Comedy and Drama,well but in case of Phrase 4 ,there is less action, drama and more & more comedy which there is no good.

    Please do proper work and VFX.🙏🙏🙏
    And Take time ,delay the movies we accept.
    But please work proper and give time to the VFX artists don't give pressure to him

    This is a Request to MARVEL STUDIOS. (Kevin Feige)
    Love From India….🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
    Love you & Support you MARVEL…..🤗🤗😊

  6. Gorr is beyond Thanos level character and they just wasted/ killed him within just one movie, he deserved more sequals + necrosword is not commic accurate, + they have just showed gorr killing just one God, rest are left for just assumptions, how he killed those gods and lot of other stuff, commics gorr is way beyond better then this varient of gorr, really what a waste

  7. If new Asgard where a thing I'd move there. Screw visiting. Also marvel should make those ice cream flavors a real thing. I'd buy them.

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