Marvel Studios' Eternals Inspired Event | Marvel Strike Force LIVE!

Join us LIVE as we check out the latest event in Marvel Strike Force inspired by Marvel Studios’ Eternals!

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  1. omw when Megan said" he also just healed himself?" I thought Megan QA play tester all over again rolf.

  2. Cerebro, it looks like you've actually been playing the game since the last two events you guys did. (tbh I miss the cringe factor a bit :D) but it's a lot better than the other two if i may say so. Haven't watched to the end yet though so might change my opinion but so far so good. also can we all have 16 million gold added to our accounts please? 😀 also consider turning the game music lower, it gets annoying but not a big deal.

  3. Plz marvel over interest is gone because no old Avengers is there I have watched no movie after black widow is dead and iron man

  4. for me it gives me xcom vibes..instead of aliens, you get marvel characters i mean enough said ill give it a try

  5. The worst of our time and for young generations,, 10 years ago this shits just people was joke about them and ignore them, now Marvel is inspired by shiiits, i will stop watching any thing belong to Marvel again, and same for my family and friends.👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  6. Guys the event is awaesome but we need ICARIS RIGHT NOW. WE want to see her ASP teaming up. Put his shards on the paid store i dont care. Take my money but give me Icaris now 😉

  7. It'd be cool if you create 10 Eternals for Arena battle in the future so it's not as boring doing mirror matches

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