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  1. I loved this film. I enjoyed the quick pacing, the surprise appearances, the soft horror themes. I also felt it did a really good job of feeling both like a Marvel film and a Sam Raimi film.

  2. A wise man once said, "Marvel stans aren't customers. They are consumers. Even if Marvel puts absolute dog 💩in their mouth , they're gonna find something positive about that."

  3. People had WAAAAAY too high expectations for this movie. In time, people will really appreciate this movie more

  4. I usually love Marvel movies but this just didn't do it for me. The visuals were great, but the story was just a bit lame.

  5. Yesterday i watched full movie. Why you destroyed my favourite superhero Marvel ? You have made Dr. Strange a Garbage Supreme.

  6. This movie is the best after No Way Home, talking about post endgame movies.

  7. I had a little too high expectations for this movie- but I still throughly enjoyed it, the apperances of certain characters surprised me, I love the touch of horror in this film, and even tho Wanda did all "that" iykyk i still love her to pieces, the plot is- a little common- to me but none the less it was a good movie- very fast paced tho you really gotta focus or you wont get it lolll

  8. Terrible movie, if the rest of marvel is like this then I'm out

  9. Honestly the character America Chavez was kinda goofy in concept. Her theme is…American flag stars? In execution she seemed more like a high school musical character. Not really her fault but execution could’ve been better

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