Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever | Official Trailer

“Show them who we are.” Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, only in theaters November 11.
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  1. Rest In Power and Peace my King. And welcome and bow to the new Queen, long may she reign. WakandaForever.

  2. Rhodey stole Tony's Iron Man suit,
    Sam stole shield's rocket wingsuit,
    Riri stole Tony's Iron Man blueprints,
    T'Challa stole Black Panther's suit after exile.
    Marvel is sus.

  3. Knowing that Chadwick was supposed to do this movie still messes me up, but I have no doubt that Letitia Wright will do a great job.

  4. I was hoping all the wakandans were played by white people since it would be inclusive. Nobody would be upset about that would they?

  5. I just know Black Panther and Avatar are going to be the two best films to end the year!!!

  6. I have a lot of respect for Chadwick Boseman and I know that there can not be a better Black Panther. But as a Marvel fan i absolutely hate Marvel's decision for just killing off a character with such a huge potential.

  7. I just hope more Black Women will see the agenda it's just too much for me now.
    They might as well call this Woman King II.

  8. Ha! They kept Namor's tiny wings. I always thought he must have fantastic calf muscles.

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