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  1. Angela Bassett being the MVP. Of course the roster of characters are amazing (Shuri and Okoye! I just cant…) but Angela Bassett is phenomenal. Also a powerful opening.

  2. After Chadwick and rest of Avengers characters in the fourth Movie of Avengers: Endgame ' I thought that he will again be Black Panther, but it turns out that he din't hold much longer. But even thought he is gone…he will always be our Black Panther. Rest in Peace, our Great King!

  3. "In my culture, death is not the end." Wow. Full body chills and instantly got teary eyed. What a warrior this man was. A blessing it was to have him on this earth for the time that he was here.

  4. Selalu keren film marvel… Termasuk black panther… Gue kumpulin quotes dalam film ini dalam konten gue… Berkesan setiap Quotesnya…

  5. Serious question. Did anyone at Marvel bother researching the origins of Namor or did ya'll just decide to crap on the first and arguably the strongest mutant in the mcu from the get go to push a narrative?

  6. My favorite part was when Nakia shouted, “Spartans! What is your profession!!!?!?!”
    Gave me chills.

  7. There are a whole lot of comments of praise here with very few replies but lots of likes. Looks like somebody’s been deleting comments…

  8. Marvels actors and everyone else that worked on the movie did an amazing job 10/10 WAKANDA FOREVER 🙅‍♂️

    Best movie on Marvel universe.🔥👍👍👍Made me Cry so hard This movie is SO Emotional. Hits so Different and HARD for those of us who have lost someone 😭💔

  10. I miss my mother like how she misses her brother and mother wish I could overcome like her

  11. I just came back from the theatre i was watching this movie and i can assure u the vfx the story everything is insane its amazing🔥

  12. Poor movie. Poor story line. Some poor acting (mother). Special effects look very fake and digitised. 4/10 whereas first black panther 10/10. Very disappointing. Why do Marvel churn out such trash movies now? Disney+ marvel series are sooooo much better.

  13. Lupita Nyong'o ~ ❤‍🔥 ~ Blended two culture together to create an "Epic Movie" RiP Chadwick Boseman

  14. watched this yesterday in the cinemas it was so good all the plot twists and things were so interesting. over all it was such a good movie💗

  15. I have fought for years against ZEBRA APARTHEID.
    Which is the discriminatory and exclusionary practice of only including blacks and whites in all media excluding Latinos Asian Americans and Native Americans etc…
    I have fought for a long time for representation for Latinos especially at Marvel.

    And they give us this sword in the back.

    They puff him up to be the king a very powerful warrior.
    Is the first major Latino character that has come out in a Marvel movie ever.
    Just think about that it's 2022 and this is the first that by itself is ridiculous and unbelievable.

    The liberal caste system that Marvel uses is something like this Blacks beat everybody. LGBT kisses are allowed all heterosexual kisses are interrupted by something.

    Blacks have tons of representation and stories of victory so they can feel good about themselves. They have hundreds of superheroes and have been all over Marvel for decades.

    They used to be a saying they always try to defeat the first one. When
    Integration was coming in the south
    In the schools or in the colleges they would say they would always try to defeat the first one.

    And that's what Marvel did to us they defeated the first one.
    They made him say I yield to the black female Queen.

    This reminds me of Roberto Duran one of the greatest fighters that ever lived. But white and black people only remember him saying NO MAS.


    The I YIELD line was done on purpose to say that Latinos yield to blacks. IT is giving a message of surrender defeat quitting..

    I regret ever fighting for representation at Marvel I should have known that the sword was going to be stuck in our backs.

  16. Tried looking for Lebron James to no avail watched it twice Kevin Hart was laffing somewhere in the background tho I think Tay Digs needs to be in the movie cos Stella got her groove back so apparently this is marvel now I'll call it black marvel Michael B Jordan 👏 deserves an oscar

  17. such a great tribute to T'Challa "In my culture, death is not the end" ❤‍🩹🤍🤍

  18. Kenapa dari dulu black panther nongol..mungkin kalo dia nongol dari dulu rakyat afrika tidak dijajah atau dijadikan budak orang2 Eropa…dasar begok

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