MARLOWE Official Trailer (2023)

In late 1930’s Bay City, a brooding, down on his luck detective is hired to find the ex-lover of a glamorous heiress.

MARLOWE Official Trailer (2023) Liam Neeson
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  1. This looks great. I love noir detective movies. However, with whats been comming out Hollywoke in recent years all I can think is, "how are they going to fuck this up?"

  2. Raymond Chandler, Philip Marlow, Liam Neeson, what's not to love? More of these Please!

  3. Não vi data para lançamento. Alguém poderia informar? Adoro histórias do tipo Marlowe!

  4. One of my favorites: Liam Neeson. Always love to see him on screen. Very excited to watch this one.

  5. Liam 20 years ago might have worked. LA Confidential and Mullholland Falls have already been done, nice try though. Bring back Bud/Russell Crowe.

  6. Phillip Marlowe… a man with a very particular set of skills… skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people.

  7. Now that MCU is played out, this can
    be The Next Movie Trend.
    Basic , w/ Old School elegance.
    You guys and dames might
    actually start dressing up again.

  8. Excuse me. Liam Neeson ?? Give me a break. Philip Marlowe has been portrayed by GREAT actors. The best ever was Robert Mitchum. Not phone-it-in hacks like Neeson. Stop putting this no-talent in movies.

  9. Thank you .. Thank you! … From fifty years ago, from growing up in Venezuela, and now here in the U.S., Chandler, and Marlowe have always been my NOIR heroes! … With Marlowe being played by Bogart, Dick Powell, Mitchum, Eliot Goud, etc. Chandler and his creation always spoke for The NOBLEST OF MANHOOD (the TRUE Manhood of Yore) – resigned to the Fates while drinking a shot of whiskey with Stoic Panache!

  10. This might be a good movie.

    But Philip Marlowe is an American. Period. Read the Chandler books. They are written in the first person. No way that voice is the voice of Brit.

  11. Robert Mitchum for me was easily the best Marlowe( P Boothe was good). 21c should leave Chandler/Marlowe alone! Nothing against L Neeson but his accent is pish for this.

  12. Le Paddy meets LA in the 30's. Lame.

  13. What is this nonsense of Marlowe fending off attackers? He's always getting the hell kicked out of him in the books, that's part of the charm: he's an eternal loser, but a loser with an unflinchable sense of justice, a quaintness he is constantly made aware of.

    The character we see in the trailer is definitely not Marlowe; it feels more like your standard Black Mask protagonist.

  14. What… no light sabers? No magic Merlins? No superheroes? No shape-shifting aliens? No wokeness? Am I dreaming? 😍

  15. Can't wait, a favourite old time genre featuring a brilliant star. Please be a success as Liam is so deserving of better roles.

  16. Been about a day since we seen a good film set in the 30's or 40' period,been longer since the stereotype private eye in Los Angeles story as well.

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