Manson (Full Movie) True Crime, Cult, Drama

Featuring the first ever in-depth interview with the ‘Family’s’ getaway driver Linda Kasabian, high end drama and rare archive, MANSON chronicles the final days in 1969 leading up to America’s notorious Tate/La Bianca murders.

Directed by Neil Rawles
Ryan Blakely, Linda Kasabian, Meredith Cheesbrough, Sascha Cole, James Gilbert

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  1. An investigator later found out that Polanski Sharon Tate's husband paid Charlie to get his people to kill them while he was away on a shoot in Japan when it all happened he was in bed with another woman because Sharon used to date Sebring and the hairdresser and she and he were getting back together and he was at her house with her when she was killed Polanski later was accused of raping and underaged girl he is not allowed in this country anymore he still making movies because that's Hollywood they don't care if the people are rapist and murders Weinstein prove that and he's not allowed in the country anymore but it was a good documentary with the guy that found all this out

  2. So sad I pray they rest but they don't those horrible evil people never forget what you did never get out

  3. He didn't know any better. What was he taught? You are taught or learn by seeing things happen, it's his mother's fault. And the system is shit.

  4. I love reading the comments 🤣 you people have been told a false story, that's a fact. Just look into Linda, she's supposed to be this holy women and she's not. How stupid could you be to actually believe such a stupid story as Helter Skeltor? All this happened because of bad drug deals and Tex going crazy, nothing to do with Manson.

  5. these are nothing more than adult whiners complaining..
    wanting to be known for the stupid mistakes of others letting them in..
    and are a very vital huge people portion part of why everything sucks now..

  6. This sick Linda twist sounds so calm when she talks about how "beautiful" it all was before the murders, even after having become a nasty selfish criminal, living amongst other nasties. To this day, she sees that period as "spiritual." 😒 What an idiot.

  7. She should have went to Prison for life too ie) The blonde lady. She leaves and leaves her baby girl behind with a bunch of murderers?

  8. 26:35 not a big deal but that's not CM. Its Steve grogan signing and playing lol. I guess he was passing off other peoples talent as his own? He wrote the song but that's not him playing or singing it. Beach boys also took the song and shaped it into their own. Guns n roses did a cover years later as well. And anytime someone in the music business looks at you with a smile and says, "I'll get back to you", they're not going to be doing so lol.

  9. It's very obvious, this docu-movie has lots of influence from the prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi. Do some research on Gary Fleischman, aka Gary Fisher, Linda's attorney. In 2017 Fleischman was interviewed for a documentary, and he literally admits fabricating Linda's testimony in exchange to her immunity. Fleischman was a former LA Assistant Attorney, having worked alongside Bugliosi.

  10. Wonder why the Tate family (and especially Debra) always try to make it out like Roman and Sharon had such a great marriage? It has been proven many times over that he was not doing right by her and she was very fed up.
    And it is also interesting how Debra downplays Sharon’s relationship with Jay. She acts as if they casually dated. They were ENGAGED until she met Roman.
    And I truly doubt that Roman gave her family even the time of day much after she was killed. He just seems that way. So very strange how they still try to pretend about his actions and the marriage. But guess it makes em feel better.
    But I have no doubt Sharon was on her way to divorce and the baby would not have changed that. But she would have been okay. So sad she wasn’t given the opportunity to figure things out and live her life.

  11. I think if they would have let manson and the women out even in there 40s they would've went straight to the man I can see there eyes change when they speak of Charlie

  12. Tex Watson did everything in his power to prevent LAPD from getting the “tapes” that were in the TX file. The more bits and pieces I find about him, pre Manson, the more it seems he may have other crimes he’s hiding. I really hope we can recreate Tex’s. Path to Manson. For instance, Zero and another man were associated with this group. Both allegedly died as a result of suicide. Odd, no fingerprints on the gun used in Zeros death.

  13. I totally forgot about that selfish b*tch of a womb donor, leaving her child behind with those lunatics. How dare you! She should've never had that precious baby back into her custody, she should've gotten life with them. I'm shocked as shit that they didn't kill that baby, or abused her in every way possible. My Sally Fields, "Not Without My Daughter" mode would've kicked in, how can you make sure that you're safe and sound. While your child continues to live with sadistic maniacs, that wanted to cut a baby out of the womb, but decided against it and just stabbed it to death 17 times instead. I'm at a loss of vocabulary, to even begin to describe the type of person you are!!! The cop said: these were your typical all American, girl next door type doing these killings. And in that same got damn breath said, Linda wasn't cut from the same cloth, that she was a true hippie, more like a flower child. No sir, she was just like them, that's why she still smiles when she talks about charlie. I think you're trying to convince yourself that it was okay that y'all let her off the hook, when she played a big role in the crimes too! Yeah, my guy, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night either had I made such a horrible mistake. By not giving the full justice that those victims deserved.

  14. Now just what in the fck, is so got damn spiritual about giving up your whisker biscuit, to people you just met? I mean if ya had to get all doped up to be comfortable with goosing, 10 people at a time. To me that doesn't scream spiritual and your forcing yourself to please people. This whole situation screams,"After School special: Dying To Belong". Now I want you to go take a look at the actual people ,from the I lost my marbles club. Not one of those girls are pretty, there might be one cute girl, none of them were beauty queen status. Im not saying that to be mean, but he prayed on girls that were runnaways, and girls that weren't use to being desired or called beautiful. Oh ,but that Charlie, has the looks of a booger wolf standing on a pile of hot garbage, drenched in sewer juice. Where this charasmatic personality and charmer, that could whisper sweet nothings in your ear,and melt your panties clean off? He looks like he hasn't ever taken a bath, and has that type of horrid breath. That u either rub your nose a lot or turn your head to the side, because their breath is unbearable.

    This Linda lady, is smiling as she's talking about all those sick fcks, she's no better than they are,she went along with their little crime spree. If she hadn't snitched she'd be locked up too!! I. Bet they both wrote him a bunch while he was in prison up until the day he died. Because all that sickening as hell Cheshire cat grins looks like she still infatuated and in love with him, Gypsy too.

    I wish the agent would just hush, that devil's disciple didn't plan none of that, he didn't know a head of time what to say or do to break them down. He just got lucky with surrounding himself with people that weren't, right bright. They knew he was evil, a dope head, and a horn dog, that loved making live porn and having orgy's. High or drunk is no excuse, because you know what you're doing at the time, you may not remb it the next day, but it eventually comes to u over the next few days.

    This all got started because he got butt hurt, because his music sucked, the only ones that pretended to like it was "the family" and Dennis. I don't believe Helter Skelter, was made up or talked about, until the music deal went sour. Then that's when all the psyco bable came to life, I don't think any of them will ever be honest about that part. Because they all need to make it look like it was over a long period of time, with the supposed brainwashing, so they don't have to take responsibility, or hold themselves accountable. They need to place the blame all on Charlie, so they can come off as victims too.

    None of those people were hippie's none of them fit the definition, their all hillbilly hobos. I find it weird that he was racist, but condoned homosexuality, and raping men, like he did in prison. I don't think the biker gang would've been all for that, they would've whipped his ass! They all stayed because most of them had nowhere to go and did want to be on there own. There's no way I could ever put myself in their shoes, you stabbed a pregnant woman and her friends. Just for being in the wrong house, at the wrong time. They weren't forced or brainwashed, it wasn't due to heavy drugs. They did it for one man's attention and love, to be apart of the crowd, and they thought it made then look badass and cool. They're all scum and should've all served prison time.

  15. Gypsy still believes he was brilliant, but he wasn't brilliant in music, his music was one of his many tools of manipulation that can be used on lost teenagers, they heard and saw only the surface, couldn't see the underlying sickness, he knew what they needed to fill an empty place…. an adult looking and listening to him sees a clownish person who's abstractness could lure children to a darkside, the con-artist.

  16. I remember this all over the news. Originally Charlie was sentenced to death but got commuted to life in prison. I think the California death penalty law got rescinded. He was like some demoniac thing. The Beatles song "Helter Skelter" was about a slide ride in an amusement park in the UK. Charlie got that all wrong. What a dufus. And his music was crap too. That's why he didn't get a record contract. He was in my opinion a control freak psycho loser. What bothers me is there may be more like him. God help us all.

  17. I hear lots of people calling the “Family” hippies. They were speed freaks not hippies. When cocaine and amphetamines took over from the hallucinogens, this is what happens. Well that and narcissism and psychosis

  18. The only reason Linda isn't sitting.. is because Sadie bked out of testifying.. Charlie talked her out of it. Sadie was the one that spilled the beans in jail..

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