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This feel-good comedy film tells the story of fictional stand-up comedian Manny Lewis (Carl Barron). Adored by his fans, successful comic Manny Lewis finds himself at the height of his popularity, but at the depths of his loneliness. Disenchanted with life and himself, he feels he can’t trust anyone with matters of the heart. Until one day by chance, he meets the beautiful and complex Maria.

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29 thoughts on “Manny Lewis Full Movie | Comedy Movies 2021 | The Midnight Screening”
  1. The lead male wasn't attractive enough for the role to be believable. Then he is portrayed as a old virgin but then he goes on picking the women apart. No one that alone for so long is going to be that critical or go on so many dates without getting somewhere beyond a crush. It's stupid. If the man was attractive it would have made more sense. That and he makes good money but it doesn't show? I don't buy there's a guy wealthy and famous and yet smug like that and alone. Not funny enough to be an actual comedy either. It's witty. A witty movie should of been a TV movie.

  2. Its a vary good movie awesome ending, i must have a chick inside of me because it got a tear out of me, good romantic film, great job guys, five stars 😂⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍🎥

  3. this movie copped alot of poor reviews! I loved it to be honest, raw and funny! good story! the yanks probably wouldnt get it..

  4. This is such a wonderful movie! Thanks for the upload. … For anyone who reads comments to decide if a movie is worth watching, this one definitely is. 👍

  5. Really good film, with plenty to make you think about, excellent performances and the best kind of romance, believable, not too soppy. Thanks for uploading this. Made me feel calmer after a bit of a shitty day.

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