1. Looooove Kat!!! She deserves all the attention. This is not really my kind of film but I’ll be watching this for her!

  2. Verona is one of my favourite city…and being Italian a go there when I have the chance…

  3. The same shit… Female protagonist have ex boyfriend and then enter male protagonist and then enter the ex boyfriend…. Did I get it right
    Predictable and disgusting to see women have a boyfriend and then other man

  4. Honestly that booklet would have probably drive anyone anyway it’s giving she was a bit controlling and too organized and now she learns to live free enjoy the moments with new guy and be learns to take a chance and really live in life

  5. ‘Love you Kat Graham endlessly. You are one of the most underrated gifts and talents!! Watching everything you star in. Just the beginning s

  6. So strange seeing Tom in a smaller body,as i was already used to seeing him acting number one in umbrella academy. Kudos to him

  7. a totally destorted depiction of Italy as usual, the accents and behaviours are from the South and they're in the north 😔😔

  8. I just watch the whole movie in 2 minutes. I love it, definitely it saves me some time because of my busy schedule.

  9. Hmm 🤔 I like both actors individually but not sure about their chemistry together…I mean I’m still gonna watch it 😂

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