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  1. This movie should end by Loki making a counterpart to die instead of him. Meanwhile he hides in a mask… and next movie should be The Mask!!!!!!!

  2. I love the different Fonts for 𝕃𝕺ꀗ𝙄's name

    It makes ꒒𝙾𝕶Iͦ looks mysterious.

  3. At 2:03, is that Black Widow sitting on a rock watching a yellow comet/meteor? If so, then, it looks like they're going to make the Soul World more of a "thing" in the MCU. If that's true then, maybe they're going to finally introduce Adam Warlock like they teased in GOTG Vol 2? Why is that an important thing? Because Adam Warlock is the "god" of the Soul World. In the comic canon, anyone who is killed by an Infinity Stone or dies in proximity to an Infinity Stone is taken to the Soul World. Why? Because when Thor's sister, Hela, was killed? during Ragnarok, there was no one left to take the souls of the dead. Remember, Hela was the "goddess of death?" Well, in her absence, Adam Warlock took over and started bringing the souls of those who were killed by Infinity Stones and those who died in proximity to Infinity Stones to the Soul World. That's why we saw a Gamora as a child in the Soul World. She was sacrificed by Thanos to obtain the Soul Stone and therefore, died in proximity to an Infinity Stone. The same for Black Widow, even though Hawk didn't "sacrifice" her. She sacrificed herself.

    If they introduced Adam Warlock back when they had the chance, they would've had a canon-correct means to fix the snap without getting involved with a "time-heist" plot that made no sense. Like the part about Captain America deciding to stay in the 1940's and grow old with his love. If he stayed in the 1940's then, he could not have done the things that he did, including bringing the stones back to their time lines. And that's just one of the massive plot problems with the whole "time heist" plot of End Game.

    If they introduced Adam Warlock at some point during the 23 films and hence, 23 chances to do so, Adam Warlock could've undone "the snap" and sent all the disintegrated life back to their worlds. How? Because all of those who perished in the snap would've been sent to the Soul World. Since Adam Warlock is the "god" of the Soul World, he alone had the power to return those souls, for a price, I'm sure.

    Then, in the comic universe, Adam Warlock actually defeats Thanos and as punishment, banishes Thanos to the Soul World. Adam Warlock takes the gauntlet and the stones for himself and for a time, he causes some trouble. But, since he's not necessarily a bad guy, he used the stones to purge himself of all good and evil and becomes a being a pure logic, somewhat like Vision. He then destroys the stones and in doing so, releases Thanos from the Soul World who becomes a good guy.

    So, now you can see how End Game was a totally missed opportunity.

  4. I'm just imaging Loki's reaction to the add that played before this video: an add for some show called "rainbow high". Like, it'd be hilarious

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