LIVE: TechCheck+ with Netflix's 'Wednesday' creators on reimagining 'The Addams Family' — 11/25/22

On the latest episode of digital interview series ‘Binge,’ CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla speaks to Al Gough and Miles Millar, creators, showrunners and executive producers of Netflix’s ‘Wednesday.’ They discuss how the series reimagines beloved ‘Addams Family’ member Wednesday as an angst-filled teenager, and how the show uniquely explores the notorious misanthrope’s experiences at a supernatural boarding school all while navigating her emerging psychic abilities. The creators also open up about working with famed director Tim Burton, how the Netflix experience compares to their work on television mega-hit ‘Smallville’ and the unique challenges for storytellers developing and running a show in a streaming era.

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LIVE: TechCheck+ with Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ creators on reimagining ‘The Addams Family’ — 11/25/22



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