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PLOT: After catching her long-term boyfriend cheating, Jenna turns toward elements she doesn’t fully understand to get revenge. Said vengeance comes in the form of a succubus named Lillith, who embarks on a bloodthirsty rampage.

CAST: Savannah Whitten, Langston Fishburne, Taylor Turner, Casey Waller, Nell Kessler, Julia Arden Rock

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  1. So you decide to call a demon to have sex with your ex-boyfriend in revenge for him having sex. That makes perfect sense to ,me but I am crazy. (Hey, Lilith looks like my ex-girlfriend. I always wondered what happened to her?)

  2. The actress playing Lilith was the best part of the movie and stole every scene she was in. Here's to her future success.

  3. 50 mins in and 1 dead frat boy… big deal, you can really skip this one and miss nothing worth watching
    Oh, btw, he 2nd intended prey turns out to be gay, which rhymes hey 😉
    Oh, there's more, but mostly fucking and sucking and killing, a little (2 dead in a full hour
    And then it gets real emo, so I gotta go, but no… I had to see this through so that's what I decided to do
    A few more killings, no sex scenes worth the name "sex scenes" anyway
    Then the nerd guy almost got killed, but then, thanks to Jen, Lilly's no longer a frat killing hoe, at least not for now, though every guy should know that Lilly is a hoe who doesn't know how to let go and won't take no
    The nerd wants to "go" with Jenna who told him no cause she isn't really that kind of a fucking hoe
    Now I will actually go, yo hoe hoe, end of the show

  4. How many people eat sugar and get diabetes??
    Don't touch the devils things. It is a trap.

    Looks o innocent so fake. So harmless. NOPE, NOT, ESPECIALLY NOW. don't do it. You will lose yourself forever.

  5. Оооооолооооооооьллооооооооооооооооооооо

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