1. Here we go with another one of these. I'm not watching this cause it's so obvious why this was made when it really didn't need to. Representation does not equal remake. Just make new movies and stories that the necessary representation for the story to flow right. Not just because.

  2. I have a major case of n-word fatigue (hard r) at this point. Please stop putting these fat lipped sambas on my screen

  3. i don't have much confidence in this being any good but just hope it gets the original masterpiece of a film more attention

  4. This is the 3rd version of the same movie in 15 years . Except this one has the original name from Sweden. Just the last time in the north American version it was called " let me in " . I mean it's just recycling the same movie again ?

  5. Ok Hollywood, listen up: Using more diverse actors is both wonderful and necessary. However, using them only to fill roles previously played by white males, without any original ideas, does them a grave injustice. You might as well be saying, “Look! We switched colors/genders this time! We gave them what they wanted, so everyone stop complaining!”

  6. The movies were fine a masterpiece, good luck to this, looks interesting lets hope it dosen't flop like other adaptations.

  7. Can we just…stop…rehashing old ideas? The Swedish and English films based on this book are still out there and available for anyone to watch so why do we need yet another adaptation? Make new ideas please.

  8. HOLY FUCK! another remake BS! I can see it now, they will remake The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and replace it with colored people, just because they cannot make or create their own movies, so they have to bastardize someone else's work.

  9. Oh great. Another woke race/gender swap piece of crap. Hollywood can't come up with anything original.

  10. This like the 3rd one . The one with Chloe was cool the original is better, do we really need this one though 🤔

  11. Cant wait for a remake of straight Outta compton with
    Gordon ramsey as Ice cube
    Simon Cowell as Dr dre
    Gary Busey as Eazy E
    James Charles as DJ Yella
    Ricky berwick as MC Ren !

  12. The second disastrous remake of the excellent original swedish movie, only this time with race and gender swapped characters of course. Boycott this trash and watch the original…

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