1. Good start … dragged a bit in the middle … reasonable finish. Would have preferred a second season of Jett ….. now that was good !

  2. This was a really good show!! I was pleasantly surprised and couldn't stop watching until I finished all 8 episodes.

  3. My only problem is those modern prop handguns have no recoil and look utterly fake on screen. This isn't the actors fault or a fault of the writers, but it just doesn't work. Watch the John Wick movies and look at the difference.

  4. Maybe I'll give it a try. it's got Philip Winchester in it, and I love him (I still miss him in Strike Back).

  5. Oh man, barely 10 seconds in and seeing the muzzle flashes on the guns being fired akimbo style and I knew this was going to be bad.

    Looks shit.

  6. I didn't see any leopard skin, or even a leopard print anywhere. I reject this title, the trailer, the whole thing.

  7. I am disappointed in Jeffrey Dean Morgan starring in… What I'd like to describe as utter crap 😅

  8. Synopsis: A bunch of Couples cheating on each other with both men and women. They loose trust with eachother and resort to gunfights as revenge.

    There you go. Saved you 1 minute, 15 seconds.

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