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Language Reactor (formerly known as LLN – Language Learning with Netflix)


Discover the greatest way to Learn a Language With Netflix! LR is a chrome extension that will unlock your love of languages through Netflix.

Explore this incredible tool and all the tips and tricks in it with Max as he takes you through his Language Reactor account

Read our Full article on Language Reactor:

0:00 What is Language Reactor
4:52 How to download Language Reactor
5:56 Inside Language Reactor
9:14 Final Thoughts on Language Reactor

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  1. Hi.What is the differense between language reactor and pro version?And ist it free?If not,please price.

  2. This takes subtitles and self-induced, high language input to a whole other leveI absolutely adore this extension for Chrome !!! So much love for the two developers <3

  3. I've downloaded this extension but the icon doesn't appear. I don't know what's wrong.

  4. I have been using it for a while, maybe one year, and also Learning Languages with YouTube Beta, don't use thumbs, because it will be confusing

  5. i currently have language learning with netflix and youtube. somehow it thinks spanish is my mother tongue and i´m learning english. it will allow me to change my incorrect native language but i can´t get spanish as the target language which forces me to see the english subtitles first. i can´t figure how to change it

  6. No , heard about it 20 minutes ago and now I'm trying to get more information

  7. thank you for this wonderful tool and i am starting using it to help learning Spanish. My only problem is the target language is UPPER CASE and I cannot change to Lower case. It brings 2 problems for me: 1) very hard to read and 2) it takes up too much space on screen. How do we change it or the developers have to change on their ends? The example i am watching is Enemigo Intimo

  8. Your audio levels are too low and your background music is about 6-9 db too loud until you get to the screenshots. Good content though!

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