LAMBORGHINI Trailer (2023) Frank Grillo Movie

The life story of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of Lamborghini.

LAMBORGHINI Trailer (2023) Frank Grillo Movie
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  1. Hopefully this time around Chris Evans doesn't have a building fall on Frank Grillo's head lol

  2. 2023 – Frank Grillo vs. Adam Driver , Lamborghini vs. Ferrari . There is no best in this competition if we talk about cars , both are best cars of the World. Movies will be good also I reckon , I like Grillo and Adam is getting as a good actor who has just played Gucci this year ….but we will see !!

  3. You buy a Lamborghini when you are someone!!! Lamborghini is like the power bike of cars., not everyone has the money to buy it or risk driving it.

  4. "Frank's" Always Cool…This Movie is,, "Battle Between The Rich Boy's"..Looks Good Baby !!💰🤟💰

  5. 🤯Oooh lala! Magnifico 💯👌🏾🥸 l love biopics with 💪🏾machismo 😎 As always ✊🏾 Barakha 🙌🏾 Shalom 🌾🙏🏾

  6. The music swells so much that I didn't think it could swell any higher but they found a new benchmark for swelling

  7. you're an italian living in italy and speak english with an italian accent.that makes totally sense

  8. Hum I’m very intrigued that Frank Grillo is playing the Icon. He has a very rocky movie history with good and bad films. This maybe something but it probably isn’t going to be Ford Vs Ferrari special but who knows 🤔.

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