LAMBORGHINI Trailer (2022)

LAMBORGHINI Trailer (2022) The Man Behind The Legend, Frank Grillo, Mira Sorvino, Gabriel Byrne, Biopic Movie HD
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  1. A Ferrari Mondial leading a Lamborghini Countach?


  2. Finally they have come up with the idea of portraying such an inspiring story in a film of how Lamborghini came into being and Frank Grillo looks and talks the part

  3. I hope they highlight where Lamborghini is from, from the farming cooperatives in the Emilia-Romagna region.

  4. 2/3 years ago Ford vs Ferrari, now Lamborghini vs Ferrari and next movie "………. " Vs Ferrari? So did everyone wants to beat Ferrari that much?? 😀😀😀🔥🔥🔥

  5. They literally are making movies about any thing now. I can see them make an action/drama movie about Bic's pens named "Bic"

  6. Looking forward to watching this movie… Even though the accents sound pretty dreadful!

  7. Guess the studio got lazy and wanted to make some quick cash by reformulating the same story we've heard a million times in a slightly different context.

  8. You should either speak english without an accent or just hire italian actors and make them speak italian

  9. So the main character is someone I’m suppose to relate to? Ya I totally have so much in common with an ultra billionaire, ya our problems are totally the same

  10. Boy Enzo pissed many people. But surprisingly it resulted not war, but some of the greatest car of all time

  11. White Lamborghini Countach was my dream car as a kid growing up. Used to see one in a driveway near my high school. Forgot about it until i saw the exact same car in the movie Wolf of Wall Street.
    Still my all time favorite even though it's old and boxy by today's standards, but it's just something about that vehicle and that era. It was unattainable.
    Nowadays, every wannabe, pompous, social media attention clown can get their hands on one. Nothing special about that.

  12. Trailer so detailed and good i figured out there are 3 important scenes which is shown here there we all know how they end, so no need to watch the movie. Thanks to the trailer. 🙂

  13. lol, at all the hired "Frank Grillo" bots spamming such "positive" comments…. "nothing to see here, nothing to see," says his management team…. Not a single bot in sight I tell you.

  14. The same lambhorgini told horacio pagani to not experiment with carbon fibre. Hypocrisy at its peak.

  15. It's crazy to think that history itself shifted on one sentence "go back to your tractors" that lit the fuse that still burns today. If Ferrari had just said, no thank you, there might night be a Lamborghini today.

  16. Honestly, I do think Lamborghini won in the end. Like he said "you buy a Ferrari when you want to be someone, you buy a Lamborghini when you are someone." Nowadays it's easier to buy a Ferrari than a Lamborghini. Both great cars of course, and I myself do actually prefer Ferraris, yet I still personally think Lamborghini won.

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