1. Sorry but I'm Italian and I already see so many wrong facts from the trailer. I know I will probably enjoy less the movie because of those inaccuracies. I think they should have focused the movie on the rollercoster that was making and developing Lamborghini cars by ferruccio and his engineers instead of the classis versus movie with Ferrari, that I get from this trailer. Maybe I'm wrong but I hate that Hollywood makes up stories and changes things when the actual ones are already great. There is some great content in Italian with eng Sub on YouTube brought by Davide Cironi about Lamborghini

  2. A countach racing a 308 and Enzo never raced against ferruccio it's classic Hollywood but I like it

  3. this will be a great film when it comes out in usa in cinemas but unfortunately in australia it will go on straight to dvd instead of cinemas it should go cinemas in australia frank grillo playing the owner of the lamborghini company gabriel byrne looks interesting playing the owner of enzo ferrari the rival of lamborigini mira sorvino playing the lamborigini wife owner looks like great biopic should get oscars looks like going to have great car races in lamborghini film ford vs ferrari went on cinemas for everywhere which was understandable in the world very famous actors christian bale and matt damon james mangold maybe this film director not famous frank grillo is famous gabriel byrne is famous well known for horror films mira sorvino is famous but not as popular now christian bale and matt damon

  4. Why on earth is there a countach racing a 308 Mondial? They're not even in the same class! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. This movie should be shown by all school to students that how things happen and what's the success needed ..💓
    Frank Grillo is a legend 🔥🔥

  6. Ferruccio Lamborghini is an idol to me. The story is one of the greatest ever told. I need to watch this!

  7. Интересно будет увидеть Фрэнка Грилло в серьёзном кино!

  8. Oooooh THIS LOOKS GOOD…

    Also Mira Sorvino, I legitimately did not recognize her until they said her name.

  9. Didn't care for Ferrari vs Ford but Lamborghini, this I must watch ☝️💯 Viva Feruccio ✊

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