Lake Bell Joins The MCU In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Lake Bell joins us live from the red carpet to discuss making her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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  1. She’s brilliant as Poison Ivy on the Harley Quinn animated series, so I am glad she’s now working on Marvel 👍

  2. her Black Widow is one of my favorite MCU characters, can´t wait to see what she does in the movie.

  3. Very cool for Lake Bell in Black panther 2 wakanda forever whatever this character she plays I'm always infrared she's great actress she did a great job voice like widow what if and voiced Poison ivy from Harley Quinn series no escape 2015 and so much more 👍👏👏⚡❤️💯🙌

  4. Would be cool If the VFX supervisor Geoffrey Baumann Cant wait to See the amazing VFX and CGI Work in this movie

  5. In Loving Memory Of Our King
    Chadwick Aaron Boseman
    And Michael Kenneth Williams
    Dedicated To Dorothy Steel

  6. I find it odd that Lake Bell hasn’t been in any of the promotion for this film. Granted, there is a large cast, and Bell isn’t in a leading role. Still, she was hardly even featured in the trailer, hasn’t received a single poster appearance or character art, no toys, and not even a credit on Wikipedia.

    All of this has lead me to believe that Lake Bell is going to play a pivotal role in the story, and that perhaps she even plays Lucia Von Bardas. This would certainly go a long way toward setting up future Avengers flicks (and the rumors that Doctor Doom could show up in this movie).

  7. I'm sorry but she's made poison ivy iconic at this point and that's all I hear whenever she speaks lol. A compliment don't get me wrong a testament to her talent for sure

  8. It's always a honor to remember those you started small with and to bless them.🙏🏾💕🥰 I always say… Be mindful of how you interact with someone when they are small… For you never know how they may bless your life down the road.👍🏾💯 Always treat people like somebody because they really are.

    Honor to all!🙏🏾💕🥰

  9. She’ll be associated with Doom whether he’s in it or not at end since they’ve already said Talocans and Namor aren’t really villains to go against grain of color on color wars said by actor which basically spells out manipulation by him to fight Wakandans for Doom’s master plan.

  10. Maybe we should give Scarlett Johansson some credit for not reprising the role of Black Widow in "What If?" lol. I think Lake is the first actor to join the MCU in live-action after previously voicing a character in Marvel Studios' first animated project

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