“Lacks Educational Value”? Critics Slam Florida’s Rejection of AP African American Studies Course

Civil right advocates, educators and lawyers, like Ben Crump, are fighting Florida education officials who rejected a new advanced placement course for high school students on African American studies. Officials say the course “lacks educational value,” and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis claims the course violates state law. Opponents object to the course’s inclusion of works by scholar and former Black Panther Angela Davis, and of material on intersectionality, reparations and Black queer history, among other topics. Last year, Florida passed a so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law that prevents Florida teachers from discussing sexuality and gender identity in classrooms. We go to Miami and Tallahassee to speak to Dr. Steve Gallon, a lifelong educator and a former teacher, principal and superintendent, who now serves as an elected school board member for Miami-Dade County Schools, and Democratic state Senator Shevrin Jones, the first openly gay person to serve in the state’s Senate.

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  1. I can't wait until desantis is caught with a male prostitute. It's only a matter of time. His projection, voice, and mannerisms aren't fooling anyone.

  2. Shervin Jones stated that by banning this class the state is banning people from learning about black history. That statement is a lie. No one is threatening anybody’s life if they learn about black history.

    The State simply stated they believe the course is designed to attempt to force people into believing specific things by not teaching facts.

    I have taken many college classes like that in my education, and having looked at the curriculum of the course I agree with the ban initially.

    If they want to discuss the points that are controversial in the course and come to a compromise, then let’s do that. This senator is just lying and trying to paint the education system of Florida as the criminal for ensuring that facts are taught.

  3. 1:10 Homosexual realization was in the 1940's when women were told to dress like prostitutes in order to attract husbands.
    By the 1970s this was realized to be a genetic factor when it comes down to genetic memory and the association.
    In the 14th century women who were prostitutes began dressing like men judges and lords to be more specific.
    That was done in order to promote an outlet for male frustration in a confused sexual manner Utilizing and vulgarizing prostitution.
    That's not African American history that's European history it was associated in the 21st century due to capitalism primarily targeting women by 80% production with makeup hair product and beauty products directly associated to the 14th century.

  4. The black man, black Race against God's blue sky, green trees , deep ocean ,sandy dessert, sunny days, rainy days, cold and hot days, what day is it that them can't assist with in it, as the steward of this gift from god. You better try to learrn what you think you know and know what you think you learned For no voice for the Justice of all humanity is or will ever be out of tune.

  5. If Ron DeSantis view is based on removing queer Theor, LGBTQ perhaps he needs to remove sexuality from the classroom up to a certain age and the influences they stem from with ads strip clubs websites whatnot

  6. 🛑🛑🛑🛑also the fact that this channel brought on A gay BLK male……….. To have a discussion about 👈👈👈👈"Black Queer History"😐 is an insult to you as BLK ppl……. These ppl see you as dmb…… They don't expect you to hear all this and still at the end say "BLK Queer History"👈👈👈as if we've never been Chrstns…..🙏

  7. 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑And shame on YouTube (Google) for manipulating this comment section. Again 👉👉👉"Black Queer History"👈👈👈👈😐?


  9. Odds on favourite that the lawsuit will fail. If not in Florida, it will be struck down by SCOTUS. While we have SCOTUS as it is, the old backstop isn't there any more.

  10. Well as much as I don't like this type of politics, I don't want my kids learning anything about "queer" anything..learning about true Black History is certainly welcomed and needed. Why should it include homosexual lifestyles?
    The history is welcomed, the private lifestyle choices is certainly not needed!

  11. I hate how they are using Black history as a Trojan horse for these other agendas. Blacks have it hard enough without the extra baggage.

  12. You can't hide the truth . What is done in the dark , will come to light. FEAR IS A UGLY THING , NOW THAT IS WHAT IS WOKE , FEAR…

  13. As a AA Gov. DeSantis is 100% correct. Black history is already apart of their curriculum. If you want to push the LBGTQ agenda Stop using the children and the black culture to do so.

  14. James Baldwin was a black man in our history. I didn't learn that James Baldwin was gay until I was an adult and all the works he contributed to black history was all the value I needed. His gayness was of no importance to me and isn't to this day I value his works, his lifestyle changed nothing for me educationally. I stand with the governor on this one. Before you jump on any ship, know it's destination. I for one am not on board for this trip.

  15. But ethnic studies for Italian, Japanese, and German are OK. Where have we seen these three together?

  16. Yeah. African American history is only about communism and changing their gender. Ya'll have no other value to liberals, and they believe that's all you are about.

  17. This 🐍will never receive the black vote ever in life, I hope he enjoys his racist state who support it. He basically destroyed any advancement ever in politics to a higher seat. Enjoy your life 🐷

  18. The purpose of schooling and education is to expose our children to a variety of cultures and mould them not brainwash them as Santos do.

  19. I don't know what queer theory is but I do know that theory means. I don't think DeSantis understands the word.

  20. Naw I ancestor didn’t fight for this homeboy.. I don’t won’t that queer shhh its not black history

  21. And if gay is part of the curriculum then that part should be removed, not the entire course

  22. What does gay have to do with Black America story!! Nothing!! That is a personally thing!! Im so tired of all this confusion!! I need to speak this is crazy

  23. This dude is full of shit. He made all about race like black history was being taken away. He is getting rid of political agendas out of the way so the kids can actually learn about black history not liberal ideology. Dude shouldn't be up there he is a embarrassment.

  24. …and the first thing that American Black History 101 should cover is how the likes of Desantis fought to destroy it.

  25. Every time Black people want to stand up for ourselves, other groups jump into it! We object to any others jumping onto this particular platform.
    Black queer studies, should stand on it's own, get off Black history! Get your own platform. If you feel that strong about it, fight for your own separate platform.
    Black history should be taught, the same way as Roman History, British History, etc.,
    Not every Black person is queer, but every Black person is Black. To mix these two is unjust, misleading, and separate. Black and queer as it would honestly be called, would best be served in a Health segment, even an elective. But not presented as one in the same "Black = queer", that's offensive to those who are not.

  26. Ethnicity and sexuality has nothing to do with one another stop trying to combine sexuality as an identity it's lies

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