Kyrsten Sinema Leaves Democratic Party. Is It Enough to Save Unpopular Senator’s Reelection Plans?

What does Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s defection from the Democrats mean for the party, control of the Senate and President Biden’s policy agenda? Sinema said last week that she is registering as an independent, though she will keep her committee assignments. Her announcement came just as Democrats were celebrating Senator Raphael Warnock’s reelection in Georgia, which gave Democrats 51 seats in the upper chamber. Ryan Grim of The Intercept says that while Sinema’s change in party affiliation will have “no practical effect” in the Senate, it will head off a primary challenge in 2024. Alejandra Gomez, the executive director of Living United for Change in Arizona, or LUCHA Arizona, says Sinema has betrayed the Democratic base that helped propel her to office in 2018. “She has sold her vote to the highest bidder, cozying up to special interests and Big Pharma,” says Gomez.

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  1. alejandra has no idea what she's talking about, border is for sure not secure. We have thousands pass the border every week in AZ

  2. Amnesty is dead? Well then, 100,000 patriotic Americans needed to show the visiting invaders the door as no one in law is doing their job, we have to do it now. The search is on in Denver to start the newest arrivals! Going to the Mayor's home for the free ride!

  3. More, if not all voters should be independent. Joining a party is almost like joining a street gang in these times.

  4. Shame on you Democrats that allowed her and Manchin to hold the process hostage. Only two nasty little sores rotted the lot of you, when the entire progressive band including Bernie all caved in. Only for her and him to turn around and spit in all of your faces. This is so shameful

  5. Comes as a surprise 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣. If any soul who watched her and Manchin's circus act over the last two years is really and truly surprised…. my heart weeps deeply for them.

  6. I admire Senator Kristen Sinema's empathy towards the wealthy.
    She is fighting fought for those who have, to have more!

  7. So tired of Sinema just like I'm exhausted with T-Rump. Who cares. Good ridens. Next 🤡

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  9. Ms. Gomez laid down exactly how AZ Dems think of Sinema. She sold us down the river to the highest bidder. She did not do for AZ any of what she promised. She just filled her fancy expensive purse full of Franklins. Go Ruben Gallego! He will get it done for AZ.

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