KNOCK AT THE CABIN Trailer (2023)

KNOCK AT THE CABIN Trailer (2023) Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint, M. Night Shyamalan, Thriller Movie
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  1. Now for those who like to critique trailers……betcha can't guess the rest of this plot!!!
    M. Night & Bautista gonna give it to ya!

  2. I don’t know. Most of his movies suck. Sans 2 excellent ones the rest are disposable. Love Dave tho. Who knows…

  3. Man am I glad to be living during the M. Night and Jordan Peele era while it's fresh and original

  4. Dave Bautista is more diverse in acting than Dwayne Johnson. Dave seems as though he is studying to get better with each film. Dwayne seems as though he just relying on his size and ego and also he seems the same in every role now. Dave doesn’t seem like he is trying to make every movie or franchise about him but Dwayne seems to have the it’s about me complex and that’s getting old fast

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  6. M night can not write a decent ending. His films are disappointing because they are so good, right up til the end. Then he takes a torpedo dump on the finale. And says “tah-dah!” And you’re just left with so that happened. Roll credits.

  7. Shyamalan keeps trying, I’ll give him that, but he hasn’t made a decent film since unbreakable, besides that Holden ford should have seen it all coming😂

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