King Solomon's Mines | Part 2 of 2 | FULL MOVIE | 2004 | Patrick Swayze

King Solomon’s Mines Part 2 of 2

Renowned safari hunter Allan Quatermain is lured back into the unknown recesses of the African jungles to find a man who disappeared while searching for the fabled King Solomon’s Mines—a destination of legendary riches from which no soul has ever returned alive.

Starring Patrick Swayze, Alison Doody, Gavin Hood, Roy Marsden, Ian Roberts, Sidede Onyulo, Godfrey Lekala
Directed by Steve Boyum

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  1. This movie is great and it made me write what I did about not being rich but in life I have had extremely rich men wishing to have me as theirs but at first I thought it was my beauty when I was young, I’d turn them away. Money can not buy happiness. Be smart and keep working till you retire, that is for women who are not gold diggers. Being poor is not so bad. Remember being good to others is happiness.

  2. The simple things in life is more important than being filthy rich. I went to see a very rich man today whom I suspect is my biological father, what’s crazy his daughter Labrena is within walking distance of where I live I am poor and she has an extremely rich father that gave her 1,000 dollars a month now I have no idea if he is still giving her that amount of money or not but her drinking has been extremely bad but I drink too but my hillbilly people are use to it now those are my mothers people but it must be on my fathers side too, how is it that it’s not hurt me like that? I went to see him today hearing he is in a wheelchair now. I’ve always prayed my father if I ever met him he would except me, he is close to his last days and I keep trying he came to see me at Sams Club and was extremely nervous then on a different day his wife came and collected a photograph of my mother with Elvis Presley she seemed to have a distraught walk and look as she went out the door with the picture of my mother and Elvis. He was extremely handsome but since they got me fired from my job I have never seen them since. Well I have no idea if they will except seeing me. I gave my phone number but I was not thinking if you are not on my calling list your number could be thrown out. Well I was to scared to put my address but I never went past their gate. Please Buck be kind to a child that believes she is your child. My mother was Eular Agnes Robinson Moss she died in Charleston SC.

  3. The soundtrack is incredible. It does well capturing the majestic grandeur of the real King Solomon as per the Bible. But you have to appreciate the creative license allowed in the movie. After all, the unwritten truth of King Solomon in all his wisdom and wealth probably exceeds our best imagination.

  4. It's surprising to find a made for TV film with the kind of quality this one has. Of course it was made by Hallmark's cable channel branch, so it's just as sanitized as you'd expect. However, this film is about values: Living a fulfilled life devoted to integrity and honoring the miraculous gift of life rather than the pursuit of wealth or power and celebrity, and the sacrifice and sorrow that sometimes demands of us. Honoring and respecting the worldview and traditions of other cultures without needing to change them to suit your own, and learning from them, but without abandoning the most precious heart of the values which may already live closest to your own heart. Of having faith in the heart of your own life's purpose.

    This isn't a great movie, but it is a good one, and worth watching on a lazy afternoon. And fun to see Patrick Swayze as a mature actor.

  5. Now call me materialistic, but I would have had a mind to had brought a satchel or two to fill up for all the headaches and troubles. Lol…Just saying.

  6. I can’t wear white for ten minutes without getting dirty and Elizabeth’s shirt is still white after trekking through Africa. I want to know what detergent she uses!

  7. I usually don’t count rifle shots and think their clips would be empty, but the scene at the ‘festival’ has me wondering …

  8. I completely forgot about this movie! I believe he already had cancer when he made this. I'd have to look at the dates, but you can tell in his neck. Lost a great man. RIP Mr Swayze

  9. Speaking of "ancestor card", I'm 50, and just found out that I have enough native American blood to get my "indians card". And so can my children. I just thought I was a white boy 😂👍
    Edit: Indian card.

  10. These 2 movies were fantastic! I never knew that Patrick Swayze made these! He was taken from us too soon…

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