King Solomon's Mines | Part 1 of 2 | FULL MOVIE | 2004 | Patrick Swayze

King Solomon’s Mines Part 1 of 2

Renowned safari hunter Allan Quatermain is lured back into the unknown recesses of the African jungles to find a man who disappeared while searching for the fabled King Solomon’s Mines—a destination of legendary riches from which no soul has ever returned alive.

Starring Patrick Swayze, Alison Doody, Gavin Hood, Roy Marsden, Ian Roberts, Sidede Onyulo, Godfrey Lekala
Directed by Steve Boyum

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  1. One of the worst movies I've have ever seen. My wife was in charge of the clicker and she made me watch it.

  2. The biblical Solomon was not materialistic or greedy when he became king. During the first part of his rule as king, Solomon was the most wise man on earth. (1 Kings 3:9-14) The money Solomon gave for the temple was mostly his father David's money. This story is fiction.

  3. I HATE the beginning! 🐘 Cruel, heartless, entitled pigs! 😡

  4. Patrick Swayze could have been sad over a ant and we'd have felt it😇 such an incredible actor ❤️

  5. And all creation grieves. Hunting for sport is detestable. The desire to kill the innocent for pleasure is evil.

  6. wow I saw Pat Swayze in my sidebar and clicked immediately lol Thank you so much for the free upload, such a quality film!! (oh and also subscribed, thanks again!)

  7. Thank you for this wonderful movie👵🏻and all the movies you bring us 🍿🇺🇸💕

  8. If the witch doctor sees who's coming and that they bring the map, then the witch doctor would know where the mines are.

  9. Irish actress Alison Doody, she is still a very good looking chick like a hell. Talented acress as well – there is NO DOUBT about it !!!!!

  10. King Solomon was black just like Jesus Christ " words of Solomon" 1v5 by the way this movie is starting out , he's about to get raped robbed and murdered

  11. Hiding from an elephant in a tent. Dumbest ides since in jurassic park the guy hid from a t rex in the toilet,

  12. This is one of my absolute favorites, and oddly I was thinking about this very film. I was wondering how authentic it truly was/is. Alan Quartermain certainly is a larger than life figure, but so much of his life is relegated to myth and legend.

  13. What’s wrong with people who enjoy shooting animals? It is not hunting. Hunting is not like that. I hope one day evolution give animals a hand and make them smart enough to exert revenge on assholes who think they can abuse them for fun!

  14. Que tristeza… Prefiero la vida de El elefantito .. no me gusta la muerte asesina…

  15. Such a wonderful film with superb actors..I enjoyed watching immensely. Thank you for sharing, much appreciated❤️

  16. I miss this actor. I don’t know what acclamations or acknowledgments he may have earned but he always delivered. Thanks

  17. Well, I like Patrick Swayze so I watched the movie. But the Stewart Granger (1950) version still is my favorite.

  18. So people should come forward to help find this person of interest, putting themselves at risk, knowing full well the perp will be released back into the community. Hmmmmm……….

  19. Thank u very much for the free movie..
    And I’m not trying to not be a complainer..
    But just look how they have been trying to manipulate us.. And have done a pretty good job..
    Learn the truth and truth sets you free my friends!!
    I kinda feel bad for my mother.. because I’m thinking this worked on her..
    but not me.. But she is already passed.. So she is good to go!!
    Anyway thanks for the movie..

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