Kim Kardashian Charged by SEC for Crypto Promo, Agrees to Pay $1.26 Million | TMZ TV

Kim Kardashian failed to tell her followers she was paid to promote a crypto asset — a mistake that’s now cost her $1.26 million and charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission.


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  2. I’m so happy I went over this video has help my life in a positive manner which I can’t say finish, My appreciate goes to this name above . Thanks you for making it feasible for me and others !!! 😍

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  5. Nothing but pocket change to her, how about shutting off her water supply since her and a bunch of other celebrities have been going over their daily limit and wasting thousands and thousands of gallons of water or restricting their ability to fly their private jets since it’s been producing just under one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions accounting for 2.5% global co2 🤠🤠🤠

  6. They need to Charge Floyd Mayweather to he done the same thing Kim done to EMAX❗️

  7. $1M to them means nothing,$1M to you means you're going to jail .. if the penalty of a crime is a fine,then that Law only exists for the lower class..

  8. So good that the SEC is concerned with these very important matters that are dangerous to the economy while the banking sector is completely safe and stable.

  9. lol a million dollars to her is like one dollar, she probably has a team of lawyers too. Good luck with that one

  10. When has Kim Kardashian EVER been about trying to help others make money instead of make it herself??? The answer to that question… NEVER!! That in itself should have been a dead giveaway that it was bull s***. If there's one thing you need to remember about the Kardashians, it's that they care about themselves, not other people 😂. Best believe if they are promoting something, it's because of the personal benefit they receive from it 😂😂. It's just remarkable how many gullible naive people there are in the world 😂

  11. Was it really her fault? Or her gullible dumba** followers fault? 😂
    There are 2 types of marketers in the world. Those who promote things they use or believe in themselves……and those who promote things that will make them the most money. Guess which ones the Kardashians are?? 😂

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