Kelso and Jackie Return! #That90sShow

Kelso and Jackie still one of the hottest couples out there


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Kelso and Jackie Return! #That90sShow

Kitty and Red Forman welcome a new generation of teenagers into their basement when their granddaughter Leia decides to spend her summer in Wisconsin.



  1. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore that Mila and Ashton (the real people) are together and happy and all that in real life. 100% ship here …
    Buuttt, Jackie and Kelso (the characters), I’m not that happy about that. I mean they were so incredibly toxic together, everyone was relieved when they finally broke up. And then Kelso became a better person (kinda), without Jackie… and Jackie became happy and less unbearable, without Kelso… and then THIS happens in that 90s show? Really? Oh well…😞
    PS: wait, did we use “FYI” in the 90s? I thought that was a 2000s thing, you know, when texting instead of talking on the phone became popular 🤔

  2. The 'Damn Jackie' and 'Let's go Michael' lines definitely hits❤ realy glad we get to have those iconic moment with them again💪🙌

  3. Love how easily everyone slipped back into their characters. It’s like they never stopped playing them🥹

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