Keenan Anderson: BLM Cofounder Patrisse Cullors Demands Justice for Cousin’s Death After LAPD Tasing

We look at calls for police accountability in Los Angeles, where officers killed three men of color within 48 hours earlier this month, including 31-year-old Black school teacher Keenan Anderson, who died hours after he was repeatedly tasered. We speak with Anderson’s cousin Patrisse Cullors, a Black Lives Matter co-founder, who has joined in protests over the police killings. “The last two weeks have been a nightmare,” says Cullors. “No human being deserves to die in fear, to die publicly humiliated and without their dignity.”

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  1. Dear Patrisse,
    When will you allow black ppl to be held accountable for their actions? Why is it, that when a black person commits a crime, there is always a reason to justify their bad behavior?


    Every law abiding citizen

  2. I'm glad Cullors is defending her cousins actions so people can see how much of a fraud she & her organization are

  3. I'm happy to see that the bs in this story is apparent for everyone. Hey Cullors, you have a lot to answer for bitch

  4. patrisse must be shitting herself knowing that the tyrese nichols case is going to overshadow this nonsense case about her cousin…

  5. is this gonna be patrisse' new grift? are people can buy this garbage from patrisse after she lied, cheated, and stole millions of dollar in name of black lives matter?

  6. Kudos to the police for doing their job ! Doesn't matter if you're black or white.. if you are guilty than you should be ready to face the consequences . And btw, these main stream media is nothing but BS in today's world so better not believe anything they say and do your own research if u want the actual truth!!!

  7. Only dangerous person out there that day was her tweaked out cousin, sister, etc careening into people with a 1 ton vehicle before fighting cops. You can’t put Keenan with the people who were actually murdered by cops. Your cousin was on drugs ma’am and being violent to bystanders and innocent drivers then cops. It isn’t the same as Floyd and Nichols whatsoever.

  8. There should be more “stop doing drugs” cause THATS what caused this whole thing.

  9. This whole situation has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. Bro was on drugs & was giving officers a hard ass time after doing the most.

  10. 🌶Cops electrocuted this teacher and killed him! The cops were judge jury and executioner!

  11. how about taking accountability for your actions ! those cops were more than calm and patient with him ! that guy was high and paranoid out of his mind, he caused a pretty major accident / wreck on the road, he fled from that, he also tried to jump into someone's car and run that way, and he repeatedly resisted the cops after so much attempts to cal him down and get him to stop resisting ! the cops are not at fault here. when are yall gonna quit playing the victim card and start taking responsibility fo your own actions, attitude, and behavior?? yes, there are bad cops out there who should never have a badge, but most of them are good people who have an extremely difficult and dangerous job and have to make major decisions in split seconds. smdh

  12. How are people looking to this crook for guidance?? Woke up people.. She ain't answered $h! T yet about the money!!

  13. Cocaine overdose: agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions! He died because of COCAINE's cardiotoxic effects and cannabis' effects on the heart. COCAINE on its own is cardiotoxic. Add some cannabis to the mix and you are in for a drug induced cardiac arrest. So, no, he was not killed by the police, but by his drug habit.

  14. You call burning looting shooting killing what blm antifa izlm done democracy do you AMY ???????

  15. Amy my perspective on you Guy's have changed massively and I think your part of this evil going on and being orchestrated by 👹 👈🏼 are you not ? This thing you had on and gave the time of day to is literally pure evil but you know all so I'd like an answer why you had her on if you don't answer me it means you are as I stated before part of 👹👈🏼

  16. Why AMY why why why why why why why why why why why DID YOU HAVE HER ON ???? I can't say anything else but AMY you shouldn't of done this ok seriously why even give HER HER OF ALL PEOPLE THE TIME OF DAY MUCH LESS HA?

  17. We are living in a world full of comedy 😂😂 I love how a criminal is always the victim now and days. I love how that black lady fixed the story to her benefit stfu and get a real job

  18. This news is a joke and so incredibly bias, We demand she give all the money she scammed from donors

  19. I’m sorry but drug use killed your cousin. He was driving under the influence, he put himself and others in danger. He’s an irresponsible person that needed help, sadly it ended badly.

  20. Of course the attorneys want a piece of that pie! They get free publicity if they win or lose.

  21. This aged badly in just 72 hours. The police were absolutely not at fault in the death of Kenan Anderson.

  22. If truly wants justice but the service denied, that the Black lives matter has a bad reputation lot worse.

    Detectives warn them they got targeted by gangsters, George Floyd square become a crime rights if they don't think clever.

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