Kachha Baniyan Gang: The Real Story Behind Delhi Crime Season 2 | Netflix India

In the dead of the night, armed assailants break into a home, brutally attacking the residents, before making off with their valuables. This isn’t just a scene from the latest season of International Emmy-winning series Delhi Crime Season 2, it’s the harsh reality dozens of families in Delhi and North India had to face in the 90s, during the reign of the Kachha Baniyan Gang.

For several years, the very real Kachha Baniyan Gang committed a series of crimes across North India, responsible for over 100 break-ins and several killings. However, after the killings, entire families of certain tribes came under suspicion of committing armed robberies and murders.

Vice spoke to the real victims of these brutal crimes, tribal rights activists, and the actual police officers responsible for apprehending these criminals – the people who inspired the story of Delhi Crime Season 2.

Delhi Crime Season 2 is based on ‘Moon Gazer’, a chapter from Neeraj Kumar’s book Khaki Files, which chronicles some of the heinous crimes committed in the early 90s by the infamous Kachha Baniyan gang. A gang that was responsible for 100+attacks that happened during this period.

Delhi Crime Season 2 is now streaming, on Netflix.

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