Justin Long's New Movie | Official Trailer | Now In Theaters

When you hit some speed bumps on the road of life, sometimes all you need is a change of scenery.

This fall, 20th Century Studios & New Regency invite you to the most emotional movie in years. See Justin Long in the crowd pleasing phenomenon that has hearts a flutter.

Now in theaters: fandango.com/barbarian

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  1. Brought to you by the creators of such comedy films and children movie
    The twist in the trailer alone is crazy

  2. I haven’t laughed, cringed, and enjoyed a movie as much as I did at the theater watching this flick. Fun flick for sure, a must for all horror fans!

  3. I thought the movie was just ok. Maybe be the audience in our theatre ruined it for us. They couldn't stop talking and laughing at EVERY single little thing Justin Long did. Like he'd just toss a phone on the bed and the theatre would break out with laughter. It got so annoying.

  4. Honestly the whole subplot with him before he gets to the plot would have made an interesting movie.

  5. Would have been crazy if this was the teaser trailer we got first. (Not to say the actual one isn't bad, just this works as well)

  6. Is this a big joke? How can people possibly find this movie good? It’s horrendous. The plot: ridiculous. The characters: they make the worst decisions over and over again. The monster is dumb, the story makes zero sense and flips a u-turn twice. Absolute trash.

  7. I love that even though it’s an R-rated horror film like It and The Black Phone, it advertise itself with “Justin Long’s New Movie”, and “From the Producer of The LEGO Movie and the studios that brought you Alvin and the Chipmunks 🐿 “

  8. amazing how i've already seen trailers for this movie and still was completely oblivious for the first minute

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