JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE SNYDER CUT Clip – "Black Suit Superman" (2021)

JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE SNYDER CUT Clip – “Black Suit Superman” (2021).

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Brand-new footage from Zack Snyder cut of DC’s JUSTICE LEAGUE featuring Henry Cavill in the famous black suit as Superman and his meeting with Alfred! #ReleaseTheSnyderCut #HBOMax

STARS: Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa

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  1. Zack Snyder has revealed an official clip during JusticeCon featuring Henry Cavill in the black Superman suit and greeting Alfred!

  2. Definitely looking forward to it. It's gonna be bad just like all Snyder's DC movies, Man of Steel being the acceptable one – a Chris Nolan x Michael Bay style origin movie – but still waiting on a Superman movie. But The Snyder Cut might be consistent with BVS at least this time. The studio gave Snyder carte blanche and then messed with every single DC movie because they didn't trust Snyder after test screenings of BVS, (which they shouldn't have), so ultimately it's their fault the most.

  3. I'm about to one up Zack Snyder and make the entire scene black and white. That'll really blow fans' minds.

  4. I'm glad the fans are actually showing Zack Snyder the recognition that he deserves because he was doing a great job with Justice League but it just crazy that Warner Brothers was willing to scratch his whole plan which makes no sense to me. I mean I'm just glad to see that the fans actually finally got what they wanted and it's sad that the media is trying to downplay it and talk crap about the fans when it's the fans who makes movies the way they are so I think it's ridiculous the way how Hollywood is acting. But I am glad to see that there is going to be a Snyder cut and that Henry Calvin is redoing his role as Superman because he's a great Superman he's an amazing actor. I just wish they would still give the recognition for Ben Affleck on him being Batman because he was a great Batman and my book. now don't get me wrong I do want to see Michael Keaton redo his role as Batman because that would be freaking awesome but like I said I still loved seeing Ben Affleck playing as Batman

  5. It is just an extended version of the same boring movie. With the same storyline.just stretched out. And let’s see if in another couple of years they don’t come out with another cut that includes all of the deleted scenes that they’re still not including in this cut.

  6. You go home, you get that whedon cut & you burn it. Then you subscribe to HBO MAX and patiently wait fo da Snyder Cut. Then you watch it. You watch it a whole lot.

  7. All the hype for this Snyder-cut and its only going to make the movie a bit better. Not worth it. Watch!

  8. If only the theatrical 2017 movie kept the Black Suit, Hans Zimmer's music, and a better CGI for Henry and Cyborg, and a Darkseid cameo….then maybe could be more decent movie. Let's hope the original vision keeps going

  9. Everyone bitching about no mullet. Can we just appreciate the fact that his non CGI face actually looks normal?

  10. Don't know why everyone is excited. Costume doesn't look good and the movie will suck. Let's move on.

  11. Actually prefer the black suit from the thumbnail. Took some getting used to but the extra dark S on a silver shield now looks great.

  12. I wish they had kept the suit from MoS. This new one looks so bad, especially because of that chrome undersuit he has on.

  13. Why was this in my recommendations?…erase from watch history option about to be selected

  14. So , wait … Snyder's Justice League Superman had already become the optimistic hero just like he was in the comics and was supposed to become ? And Whedon made no changes to his overall character ? I am so sorry but then wtf was the point of bringing in Whedon anyways . Was it just so he could write in some more quips ?

  15. I was expecting just a little bit more. Because we had already seen the black suit in the spaceship we just hadn't seen him wear it.I know there had to be something left on the cutting room floor by Joss whedon that could have been shown.

  16. Thank you Synder. Thank you Thank you Thank you. We don't deserve you. Sorry we ever bad mouthed you. You do this for the fans for your vision for the love of the craft and I couldn't be more appreciative. You could have sold out and used the marvel formula but you didn't and for that I couldn't be more grateful

    Lots of love

    Sincerely the fans #SynderCut2021

  17. Man of Steel was the birth of Superman. Batman v Superman was the death of Superman. The Snyder Cut will be the true rebirth of Superman.

  18. Was this new? If not, I'm as shocked as Alfred…
    I can't wait to see this cut of justice league. I love alternate versions of films.

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