Johnny Depp Appeals Amber Heard’s $2 Million Counterclaim Win | PEOPLE

Johnny Depp’s legal team officially filed an appeal of Amber Heard’s counterclaim win, arguing that the verdict was “erroneous” and should be overturned.

Back on June 1, a seven-person jury found that Heard, 36, defamed ex-husband Depp, 59, in a 2018 op-ed about domestic violence, though she didn’t mention him by name. He won all three of his defamation claims and was awarded more than $10 million in damages. Meanwhile, Heard won one of her three countersuit claims and was awarded $2 million in damages. After she moved to appeal the verdict, Depp’s team announced they would appeal her win too.

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Johnny Depp Appeals Amber Heard’s $2 Million Counterclaim Win | PEOPLE



  1. Is karma at its best. Had she just shut her mouth and not tried to appeal the verdict herself, she would be 2 million dollars better off. But nooo had to poke the bear, now she's 2mil more in the hole with no win to her name. 😂😂

  2. Good for Johnny i hope he wins this one to . The cow needs to move on and fade away . she lost …………………………..

  3. Can't she just leave him alone for god's sake? It was so easy to see she was fake at their trial. I know women like her and I am a woman myself who are very abusive, they blame it on everyone but themselves. Amazon car hop trays.

  4. Jack Sparrow to Ms Turd in court: “You’ve stolen me. And I’m here to get meself back”
    [orig to Angelique, On Stranger Tides]

  5. Hearing that Amber Heard is homeless makes me very satisfied. That's what you get for lying about being abused.

  6. First she has to pay her 8.35 Millions to him. So that was not the reason he appealed. Its you people who continously do as if she won the trial, but she lost most of it. And the Jury made it clear , they thought after six weeks of trial and lots of evidence, that Amber was a malicious abuser and tried to ruin the mans life out of creed. And Jonny only countersued , so he could file motions and have his lawyers informed about the newest BS she will pull. Jonny Depp knows that he probably will never see a penny from her. But letting his abuser getting away again , playing the victim would be stupid. I do not understand that your publication does not want to see the obvious.And magazines like yours loose readers and credibility with every new article like this.

  7. She owes him 8.350.000 USD and he countersued her appeal for legal reasons. Once the Rolling stone was an interesting magazine. But those times are long gone and now you latch onto every bread crumb of society news you can pickup, regardless of truth or justice. Congratulations , from a relevant pop culture magazine you made it to the bottomless pit of British gossip media like the sun.

  8. God peopl are such assholes and dickheads and they need to back off and leave her alone and stop backlashing and giving her so much shit just because of a stupid feud with johnny

  9. My goodness can't she just leave him alone, she's crazy and even though he's eclectic she's way too much and toxic to him.. Stop stalking him already

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