Jin Kazama vs. Hwoarang | Tekken: Bloodline | Clip | Netflix Anime

Jin faces off against Hwoarang, but the real fight is against his own rage and temperament. Will he fight as a Mishima or stay true to his mother’s teachings?

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Jin Kazama vs. Hwoarang | Tekken: Bloodline | Clip | Netflix Anime

After losing his home to a powerful enemy, a hot-tempered fighter trains under his zealous grandfather while awaiting his chance for revenge.



  1. was a good show to watch felt like it was cut well short. it was basically tekken 3. my favourite tekken but to be all crammed into 6 episodes is a disservice

  2. 三島と風間、そしてデビルの間に揺れる仁の揺れや向き合い方は人間臭く、何より仁の声優である千葉一伸さんの声も含めて好き

  3. jin not yet learn kyokushin karate in this state but just mishima karate style and mix with kazama style

  4. Мне кажется здесь речь идет скорее не о сюжете, а о тильте игрока.
    выйграть бой можно играя спокойно.
    Без криков трясучки и прочего

  5. Hwoarang: "Oi yoi mate, ye chea'in on mai girl jiouyou. I'm goin to knock yer spark out"

    Jin: "come on then big man, you the one cheatin on ma gyal"

  6. nessuno italiano che commenta 😂😂 omg bhe netflix continua così. . ora aspettiamo qualcosa di nuovo su la saga di street. diglielo a capcom😎

  7. Is it just me or does anyone else don’t like Jin’s pants they didn’t fit like that in tekken 3 plus they didn’t have the red accents for me it’s more of the fitment than it is the accents

  8. Bro Jin has wayyyy too many bangs lmao. But this anime really exceeded the expectations I had for it considering it's a video game adaptation and a CG one at that

  9. Hey this is awesome! They even include Jin's moves from the game. I like that mishima style 😂😂

  10. Tips: watch in Japanese dub. For English dub, everyone speaks in …. weird… and long….. pauses…

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