Jeffrey Dahmer Victim's Mother Calls Out Netflix Series

Shirley Hughes, mother of Tony Hughes, a victim murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer in 1991, is sharing her thoughts on Netflix’s ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.’ After the true-crime series’ high success and viewership, Shirley speaks out against the show, and questions how it was created in the first place.



  1. Nothing is free of criticism. Does that mean we sensor things, I don't think so. But when you make something you should ready yourself for the coming opinions. I think what matters are your intentions and how they translate, if you feel you can justify your decisions then go for it but just understand criticism comes with the territory too. Maybe your thoughts will honestly be expressed and maybe they won't, we'll see.

  2. The sad thing is no one ,will ever know what really happened witn Tony ,apart from Jeffrey Dahmer himself ..he took the truth about his sick 🤢 crimes to his grave ,to never be spoken of again

  3. Surely Ryan Murphy would of not been stupid and not asked permission….to use the families names ? I'm sorry but there's been lots of movies and documentaries about this monster over the years ….why start on this one

  4. They're not the audience. They don't have to watch it or re-live it. If they choose to, that's their choice. That series was super entertaining for me and a lot of people!

  5. it's a real hard one , for the victims families not nice at all, but then on the other hand for persons like myself I like Evan peters as an actor didn't really know about Dahmer knew he was a serial killer that was it. Evan peters after watching is a really good actor I was scared of him, and secondly I now know that the police were at fault and they failed that community terribly!! so wrong, in fact the whole system failed !! they should be ashamed of themselves!!

  6. I don't think they were good friends like made out in movie & I'm sure the victims families have had to relive that nightmare all over!! The system knew his to solve the problem then by putting him in general population!!

  7. I feel like the series was well done and well acted. It's already done. Maybe just donate to the victim's families. The show has already broke records so I doubt they will take it out of the streaming platform.

  8. I think it's funny how they're saying this show opened up old wounds and re-traumatized them, yet they watched it knowing what is was about. I don't get it.

  9. it is painful to relive this but without this the whole generation wont be able to honor the names of these victims. I feel like the series was able to touch that and now, we remember these men/boys that were killed. they will never be forgotten

  10. It's funny, the real dahmer most likely never had anything close to a real romantic relationship in his life let alone with a guy he had only known for like a day

  11. Out of the Netflix series I have to admit all the victims deaths are sad but the one that struck me the most was Tony's death.

    I somewhat understand what the family is saying about how it's making a relive some of the things but at least they got some kind of closure can you imagine how the families who never got closure felt what I mean is the families whose kids went missing and none of their body parts were found nothing they will never get their proper closure they need

  12. This is a bunch of nothing. All the info and clips of the trial are out there and free to use. If they don't like it, they don't like it, but it will not change anything. The interesting topic here that I think should be asked is the morality of giving a serial killer his own hit TV show. And when you do, I think it is very important that it stay's as true to life as possible, so not to glorify the killer or disrespect the victims.

  13. Then no more shows or movies about 9/11. That's painful for the families. While we're at it, get rid of all movies about WW1 and WW2. Painful for the families. Get rid of all the Ted Bundy shows, the Manson shows, the Zodiac killer movies and so on and so forth. Let's just never do entertainment about real life events ever.

  14. I wish they consulted the families before they made the Netflix series. This brings back the worst time in their lives for them (including the pain) as if it happened all over again. And for what? Entertainment? Views? Money? If you want the Jeffrey Dahmer story, there's already multiple movies, google, and YouTube. I feel for the families of the victims. 😔 Anyone who has been a victim of a crime or who has lost a loved one to it understands some of what the families are feeling.

  15. i think they should get some money from the show but all this is public recored everything is been everywhere newspapers, videos, old movies and docs for years already.

  16. While the backlashes are justified that they re-enacted the events which could deemed distasteful especially without the victims' families' endorsements, I hope that Evan Peters would not be dissed for playing Dahmer.

    On another hand, the series serves as a cautionary reminder for us about who we meet online. And be wary about them.

  17. They don't want to relive it but they watched the series? Ok. Netflix did nothing wrong. Series, movies and documentaries are made about serial killers and other tragic events every day.

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