Jake Gyllenhaal and Gabrielle Union on new Disney movie 'Strange World'

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Alex and Ronan chat to Hollywood stars Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler, Prisoners) and Gabrielle Union (10 Things I Hate About You, Bring It On) about their brand new Disney blockbuster, ‘Strange World.’

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  1. Interviewers make this awkward as hell, Go on Gabrielle tell us! Speak!
    Jake can you make some noises you think we would make dancing? Like what

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  3. Jake bending and bowing to the studios for a paycheck. Too bad. He used to be a man and now they dress him like a clown and he bends over for Disney. Sad really.

  4. Gabrielle is beautiful and timeless. That said, her hair is cracking me up here. It looks like Princess Beatrice's hat.

  5. That hair is embarrassing. How people aren’t laughing at her is pretty impressive. It’s obnoxious I’d ask her to go and take that wig off. I feel bad for her.

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  7. It's another flop. Disney is dying since it jumped on the groomlng agenda. No parents want that!


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