1. Season 1 was a amazing. Smart, well paced and with an extremely well written, well acted, empathetic and interesting villain. Season 2 was for more generic with a forgettable villain, a much less intelligent plot and generally lacking the sharpness of season 1. Unfortunately season 3 looks like it's just pilling further into the "dumb thriller" angle, the budget is clearly high and I'm sure it will be decently acted but I'm not holding out much hope for the plot.

  2. Ιt΄s nice that americans consider always russians as bad guys. If Russia is destroyed based on the war in Ukraine etc, then who will be your enemy?

  3. i wondered if they were going to make another series and now have my answer. looking forward to it being released!

  4. Thats good!!!! I hope sometime they introduce John Clarke and maybe the R6 teams. (inspired of the book, nothing by games)

  5. So this is the exact plot of The Peacemaker (starring Nicole Kidman & George Clooney) and these writers just thought that NO ONE would notice. Lmao🤣😂

  6. After the nightmare "Rings of Power" , I feared they had given up on making good stuff. The trailer looks really good. I am definitely looking forward to giving it a watch.

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