1. in these "woke" times it's great to have characters and series like that, they're a breather, a breath of fresh air

  2. He is so unbelievable as Jack Ryan…I don't mean that as "unbelievable" I mean that as unbelievable 🙄

  3. Leş bi dizi izlemeyin izlettirmeyin müslümanları kötüleyen yine herkesin kötü amerikalıların iyi oldugunu göstermeye calışan dizi

  4. Prime finally gets Ryan, Reacher and The Terminal list and all were so good and now we are losing Kraz and Ryan. It is not even making sense to invest in these shows anymore when all you are getting are 3 seasons or less out of them.

  5. Looks like a good show but not enough to make me have to go pay for another subscription to watch this.

  6. I really liked S1 & S2, but please don't tell me the THREAT. IS. COMING. FROM. THE. INSIDE! Nothing is more banal and tedious in a spy thriller.

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