Is 'Halloween Ends' One of the Better Sequels in the Franchise? | Aftershow

The end is just the beginning for our guest Adam Hlavac of Heroes Reforged and host Nikki Novak as they discuss whether or not Halloween Ends is a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

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  1. It's one of the worst horror movies ever made. Not even a Michael Mayors movie either, he has MAYBE 5 minutes of screen time. Highway robbery to title this as halloween.

  2. It was as if they hadnโ€™t quite figured out the third film yet and so bought forward a fourth film instead. It just didnโ€™t seem to follow the previous 2 at all.

  3. So what does Michael do when it ainโ€™t Halloween?
    I guess he watches Horror movies, or maybe he likes Disney Cartoons?

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  5. This whole movie was redundantโ€ฆ. They could took the ending of this movie and tacked it onto the ending of the last movie and it wouldโ€™ve been perfect. Have the mob kill him instead of making him get up and kill him

  6. This movie was stupid. LOL there is no justification for sending a message in a SPOOKYFILM. Save it for pretentious video games.

  7. Michael Myers was barely even in the movie….it was so terrible and the writers should be ashamed!

  8. It wasnโ€™t perfect by any means, but thank god they went in a different direction instead of it just being a copy/paste of every other Halloween movie with Michael killing and killing and so on. It is abundantly clear though that they had no direction or plan for this trilogy.

  9. "Halloween Ends" is good.
    It's layered it actually has the best story simply because it has a story line not like all the others where Michael chase everyone run… no disrespect but they didn't go woke, there was no LGBTQ character in it there was no super woman in it. The kid was never given a chance after he got out for jail similar to how Jamie was just a walking freak to everyone. The kills were there people forget Michael is older than Laurie strode. I enjoyed the sewer scene where Michael gained his energy/spirit from killing the cop. Had the trope of high school bully kids get what they deserve, didn't rely on nudity.

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