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PLOT: The incredible story of one of the more bizarre places in America, and the unusual activity that has taken place there for decades.

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  1. As someone from south central Pa I can say I'm glad but also not that I don't live in the southwest pa area like people say the west side of pa is just weird & creepy. From all the weird towns, wooded areas & no offense but also some people. Around here people are uptight, rude, racist ECT. I'm moving up the Pocono mountains after this year, I'm looking forward to a new area & different people, places. Hopefully I'll experience some paranormal stuff like UFOs maybe beings. Better than stinky Amish & A holes. There is history here & hauntings but i don't see or hear much UFO or creature activity.

  2. Well I guess the Cover-up of this Incident has been very effective because this is the first time I have heard of it!

  3. I can fully understand how people feel odd at times during weird occurences. There have been times when i too have had strange feelings in places when you feel like they were being watched. I have also met people, that although i had known them for years as friends but could never fully relax in their company and i cannot explain that.

  4. There is not one specimen of a Bigfoot anywhere on this planet. Bigfoot is imaginary and a gigantic hoax, does anyone smell Todd Standing? Fodder for television commercials, reality TV shows and movies! That guy that they're interviewing is lying through his teeth!

  5. I have been in most areas of Pennsylvania but, Dairy Pennsylvania is the creepiest by far. In the daytime I would get a very creepy feeling. I have never experienced that anywhere else.

  6. I pray that I don't encounter a Sasquatch again. I think they are harbingers for calamities.

  7. ailiens are bringing these monsters and dropping them off around the world ever since we started shooting at them .steven hawkings said before he died "be careful what you wish for meaning contact

  8. The story of the guy fishing at night and seeing some tall, mangy, bigfoot thing walking towards him and it, 'unnerved him'….man, if I saw that shit I would have been gone so fast and not waited until it could stick it's head in my window.

  9. This is an awesome video. I'm new to all of this but I am really intrigued by the paranormal. 👍

  10. I grew up near the area/ I had a Bigfoot experience I told Stan about (& "Dave" from Missing 411)/ I was almost taken out of my tent as a kid camping with my cousins, whom also saw a large, hairy ape-like hand try to reach in our tent & grab us/ Our own family still don't believe us!..

  11. If the gov Knows anything which I'm sure they do No one will say anything because they believe we are all incapable to deal with that kind of knowledge. Which in my opinion is the wrong route to ride. It's gonna backfire on them.The public needs to be aware & prepared for whatever rules our airspace after all we are the greatest country in the world!! God Bless

  12. Me and a lot of kids saw that 1966 UFO fall out of the sky..I wanted to see wear it fell but I was to fell west north of Manhattan new York

  13. Wow, I've heard this story from many different creepy/mystery channels, but I didn't know there were actual witnesses still willing to talk about it on camera. This is AWESOME.

  14. Yes..that is the lights…in all together and it's something like..Many People saw..😀😃😇👊🤝👏

  15. I never forgot this story – ever since UNSOLVED MYSTERIES covered it, and they did a very thorough investigation into it. Are townsfolk Lillian Hays (John Hays' mother I believe) Frances Kalp, and James Romansky Sr. still alive?

  16. My father and my uncle saw what they describe as a very large, dark, seemingly hairy "man" going through the old orchard on the old family homestead sometime in 70-71. Whatever it was it could operate a sliding lock mechanism that those familiar with old barns/farms may be familiar with, but was also able to bust through the side of that barn built of old rough cut 2×12 planks. The area this happened is Barr Township, Cambria County, PA not far from the Chestnut Ridge. Very much a part of the Alleghenies. There are plenty of other stories from these old country boys. This area was extremely rural at that time, and is still very rural to this day.

  17. How come nobody asked that lady how odd appearing looking was he, or did he look? That would have been my first question to ask her, because it could be very important for many reasons.

  18. "We're in the Matrix, it's all a game, a thought experiment." -Erin
    Valenti, Utah Tech CEO with no history of mental illness, found dead in
    backseat of own California rental car, days after going missing/calling
    her parents —— 33yrs old, 2019 october she was researching computer-brain interface systems

  19. Bigfoot or Sasquatch or pterodactyl bird or Flying Saucer! I believe these Cryptids are real 🇺🇸🎭👽👽🐏🦍🦍🦍🦍🦇🦇🦅🦆🦉🦊🦊🦌🦌🦌🦌🦋🦏🦃🦁🦀🦄🐴🐎🐏🐐🐷🐽🐖🐉🐲🐛🐊🐿🐿🐈🐆🐅🐾🐾🐾🐾🐻🐻🐼🐼🐗🐗🐨🐨🐺🐶🐺🐶🐺🐶🐕🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👤👥🗣👻👻🐵🐒🐵🐒🐵🐒🙈🙉🙊👹👺💀😈👿🤡🤡🤡🤖🤖🤖😎😎😱✨🌟💥💥

  20. I grew up on chesnut ridge. Slept outside many nights and never saw any of this. I'd like to believe but I have to be honest.

  21. In my opinion the Bigfoot is a non terrestrial entity with supernatural powers that's why we can't find the Bigfoot because it disappears through portals

  22. I saw another alien in a yard we were in in the middle of the night four to five feet tall pale white skin it appeared to change things around it plant life animals acted funny everything started to move like it was alive things in plants started to act funny to the light from my cell phone then I got the blood that dripped from the alien and some soil samples it had three toes after the alien left with two other aliens everything went back to normal

  23. I saw aliens but not the UFO my grandma was psychic she said they were coming before they landed on a tiger Hill in broken arrow Oklahoma on December 13 1980 my dad was picking me up for my birthday that day but during the early morning still dark two non-terrestrials was at my apartment taking a human baby out of the downstairs window and jumped a tall fence heading to they're ship on the hill the hill is now a monument called tiger Hill the military and cops they stay away from the hill the Aliens had pale white skin and big black eyes and skinny necks with light glowing in they're chest.i was 4 years old.

  24. My dad Saw a wolf like creature walking on two legs and red glowing eyes 👀 making a screaming noise unlike he's ever heard before he's described a werewolf to me. He not the type to make things up he was a army medic in sapulpa Oklahoma Area

  25. Some time ago and because I was angry with the US Goverment keeping the Grey's a secret I prayed to God and asked for aliens to come to me and that the whole world should see it so no more secrets.That night I went to sleep and maybe in the darkness of the early morning I was awoken to a beam shining in my bedroom which showed me a picture of at least one alien.It was not a Grey.After some time this image of the alien on the wall vanished but then I saw something slither off me towards the ground,when I looked it also was gone.I asked God about what I have seen and was told that these aliens were in another galaxy.They were one of only two alien species that were looking for God and now they were on their way back to earth.Yes you read that right,they are from earth and was the alien species who genetically engineered the Bigfoot species.

  26. Whenever theirs a UFO , Bigfoot is nearby. That's fascinating to me .Bigfoot holding a round ball of light . I'd like to search more on that. How UFOS & BIGFOOT seem to be connected somehow? I find that really interesting. I love these documentaries. Thankyou, for this well informed & narrated documentary!!!! 😊❤🙏✌


  28. for what it`s worth, I suspect the acorn was actually an orion capsule / craft.. nuclear powered experimental prototype.. the similarities are exceptional, with the radiation levels involved due to the nuclear powered core..radiation that appears to still be detectable above normal background even today at the site. It is worth looking into the orion program, the nerva / nepa programs in relation to several of these "ufo crash retrievals", with the cash llandrum case almost certainly being one of the nerva / nepa prototypes malfunctioning during some kind of operation, which according to AFOSI agent richard doty, was a human piloted nuclear powered craft in trouble. I had reached this conclusion myself well before doty spoke up.. as colby, the witness to the cash llandrum craft still showing signs of radioactive exposure similar to nuclear industry workers, even as recently as 2013. People seem to forget that the powers that shouldnt be have long since admitted to these programs being real, but have stopped short of admitting any individual cases involved, due to possible legal ramifications and public perceptions regarding modern "cases" .. better to leave a mystery than get sued for billions and berated for extreme risks involved in flying experimental nuclear craft and actually crashing some.

  29. Go watch Joe Jordan's testimony of who these "aliens" are. He was the head of MUFON in the area he lived. He was an atheist or agnostic until…….

  30. So many accounts so many people so many files reports and the persistent denies of our Authorities from children too grandparents from church too police .How can anyone not believe there are intelligences greater than our own in this Ancient World ?

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