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PLOT: An unusual perpetrator using advanced technology murders the inhabitants of Sullen Community while a former black operator and CID Agent investigates with the local police force uncovering a darker scheme and more dangerous threat than anticipated.

CAST: Ace Marrero, Manny Martinez Hernandez, Sophia Medley, Erin Stegeman, Sophia Ferguson, Rachel Kylian

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  3. It’s the Sheriff !

    Deputy Wilson , you were SET UP (Especially ) at NIGHT : ALWAYS look for 2nd Perp.! First one a DISTRACTION !

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  7. Wow! Totally fresh story, great actors, couldn't guess what was going to happen next. Thumbs up.

  8. Great movie with a good cast and a plot that kept me hooked. Couldn't ask for anything more.

  9. Unless there's a sequel the end is a let down/cop out.
    I'd watch a sequel, shows good acting and direction can make smaller budget movies work.

  10. Top '' documentary mate and these snake lol shape shifting fuks ? Are sadly runing this world somewhere between the 17/18 century I would guess ..? Salamander wow big clue there.?''👍👍🤔🙌''

  11. Great flick! A lot of work clearly went into this production. Very well done. Thanks for the upload.

  12. Watched one, a Cool Movie with the Agenda's hidden message! well not so hidden those days as many are awakening, watch out! they are in control and we win sometimes… good acting! good movie, enjoyed it again

  13. 17:58 Handsome dude paying in cash, she learns he's retired at a young age so must have a pile of cash and her hypergamy kicks into high gear. Immediately checks his relationship status. Available, so invites him to dinner so she can try to get her hooks into him…all right in front of her simp husband. This is such normal behavior today that it gets written into a movie. Sad.

    29:55 Holy cow they made the sheriff a serious simp. Is he going to cry?

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