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From monarch to mother, wife to grandmother, discover rare insights into the life of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

👑 Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen
👑 Elizabeth: Her Passions and Pastimes
👑 Elizabeth at 90 – A Family Tribute
👑 The Queen and I
👑 Elizabeth: Fashioning a Monarch
👑 The Queen and Us

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  1. All your wars in the USA and EUROPE were all plotted by her with WONGs tied to WONG kan Seng, with Fann WONG, LEE Hsien Loong is behind drug trafficking, prostitute trafficking and robberies with the CHANs, WONGs, NGs, LEEs , Melvin Yong Yik Chye, TAN Chuan Jin to fund Obamas presidency and the wars she plotted with her indian in the UK, your 30 years of war was all done by her with all of them to fund their personal expenses and the wars to cover up for herself, she resorted to stealing even more things besides getting escorts to impersonate CCTVs

  2. I'm a Korean, a mom and a wife, living a normal life in this earth and I miss her already even though I'm not British. She was the symbol of a true royal who survived through upheavals worldwide in this century. RIP Her Majesty the Queen.

  3. Praying for your holy soul to rest in peace🥺🥺😭😭 qunee Elizabeth 🕊️

  4. She's so beautiful both as a human being and to admire. She is literally irreplaceable and now she's passed… The monarchy just won't be the same or as it was with her ever again.

  5. The best…beaultiful queen Elizabeth II

  6. I want to put my tribute to our lovable Queen Elizabeth II thank you 😔 majesty for everything you always be remembered and you always live in our heart God save the 🤴

  7. エリザベス大王。

  8. For Ms Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor as a person, I have such great admiration. I don’t know why. Is it karma? I liked the way she moved her hand. I liked how strong she remained in her position. So much happened in her long life, and through it all, she stood like a mountain.

    But as a queen? I don’t know. If she had apologized for the genocides, looting, robbery, enslavement, and all the other atrocities committed by the British, around the globe, then I may have liked her as a queen too. But that won’t happen now.

  9. Her Majesty the Queen, will be in the hearts and minds of everyone for all time. May she Rest In Peace, and continue to live forever (in celebration) in History.

  10. Depuis ce triste jour j'ai cette chanson en tête "Vera Lynn – We'll Meet Again"… Elle n'est plus, et le vide se remplit de ces choses. So long Elizabeth, bended knees Mylady

  11. Neither me British.
    But, We all DESERVE a SALUTE
    For The greatest monarchy.
    We all, WW, we must send the
    Last Greeting.

    Ty Your Majesty.
    You made our lives more nice.

    BE welcome Prince Charles

  12. Another met with the Supreme Court to stand before the law for their sins, for the sins of the dynasty, the history of the people. Free peoples who were under the yoke and terror of the English crown, the freedom-loving Irish must be glad of such news.

  13. My Mom and I are American . we admire Queen Elizabeth. She was great lady. we all love her and respect her.

  14. because God loved the world so much that he gave his only son Jesus Christ for all mankind so that any man who believes in Jesus Christ may inherit eternal life through him if we confess our sins Jesus Christ is faithful and just to forgive us and only through Jesus can we inherit eternal life

  15. Wanita tegar yang mampu menerima tanggung-jawab serta dapat menghantarkan tradisi menuju pintu gerbang perubahan, dan jiwa yang tegar itu pergi kepada Sumber Kehidupan….. selamat jalan.

  16. Our grandmother Lisa… how? Why so early? My love for British interiors, menswear and cars is inseparable from you… From Moscow..😭💔🥀

  17. Who cares…another lady died at ripe old age out of hundreds who die each day…not sure why so much show is required…
    By the way..would u return the stolen kohinoor….

  18. gave £750 million to Charles. Nice one if youre not hungry like UK children.

  19. They can install more fence posts for walkways and four mats and four pillows for kneeling. These mats and pillows can be handed over to the museum later. I see many people believed in their Queen hard.

  20. My sister's face resembles
    Queen Elizabeths… Indeed to Allah we belong , indeed to Him we shall return 🕊️🕊️🕊️

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